Hyacinth is back at Unkal Lake: Need Permanent Solution

Unkal Lake, one of the Important tourist places to visit in Hubballi City is in bad news again. Hyacinth, the unnecessary weed has started to show its appearance back at Unkal Lake from the last 2 or 3 weeks.

Recently, Hubballi Dharwad Smart City Limited (HDSCL) had undertaken the task of cleaning and rejuvenating the Lake. HDSCL had managed to clean the lake completely removing the hyacinth covered on the lake.

Unkal Lake Hubballi
Hyacinth has started appearing back at Unkal Lake

HDSCL had installed aerators in the lake to increase the amount of Dissolved Oxygen in the water body. HDSCL officers had said that the aerators will prevent the stagnation of water which would hamper the growth of unnecessary weeds. They had also claimed that the drainage water has been completely stopped from entering the lake.

Just a couple of months back, we had posted pictures of fully cleaned Unkal Lake on our Twitter account. But the condition of the lake at present is quite different than what it was 2 months back. Though there is no foul smell of drainage water, the growth of hyacinth is a concerning news for a century-old lake.

Unkal Lake Hubli
Just 2 months back, the lake was super clean

HDMC and HDSCL needs to chalk out a Permanent Plan to contain the growth of Hyacinth at the Lake. The Lake has not been opened to the public yet (except for morning walkers). Hope by the time it is open to the public, the hyacinth menace will be cleared by relevant authorities. Hubballi Dharwad citizens would love to see Unkal Lake restored to its glory.

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