Overview of Railway facilities in Hubballi Dharwad

Hubballi is the Zonal Headquarters of South Western Railway(SWR), one of the 18 Railway Zones in India. It is also one of the divisional headquarters of SWR (The other two Divisional Headquarters are Bengaluru and Mysuru).

Hubballi Junction is officially called Shri Siddharooda Swamiji Railway Station, Hubballi. It is a major junction for trains originating from Bengaluru, Mumbai, Goa, and Hyderabad, or in other words, it is a major junction between Chennai-Vasco mainline and the Bengaluru-Pune line.

There are 7 railway stations in the city limits of Hubballi-Dharwad. They are SSS Hubballi Jn, Unkal, Amargol, Navalur, Dharwad, Hubballi South, and Kyarkoppa.

Hubli Railway Electrification Update
Doubled and Electrified Hubballi Bypass line


The Southern Mahratta Railway company was formed on 1 June 1882 with its headquarters at Dharwad. The Loco, Carriage, and Wagon workshop at Hubballi was established in the year 1885 under Southern Mahratta Railway (SMR).

The Southern Mahratta Railway opened the 130 Km long Hubballi–Harihar railway line on 18th October 1886.

Read more about Carriage Repair Workshop, Hubballi, and the importance of Hubballi Dharwad to Indian Railways here – Prominence of Hubballi Dharwad in Indian Railways.

World’s Longest Platform

SSS Hubballi Jn will soon have the longest platform in the World. The current length of the platform is around 550 meters. It was decided earlier to extend it to 1,400 meters but later SWR decided to increase the length to 1,505 meters.

Read More here – Hubballi to get World’s Longest Railway Platform.

World's Longest Railway Platform Hubballi
World’s Longest Railway Platform Under Construction: Credits – Twitter/Hubballi Rail Users

Dharwad Railway Station Redevelopment

Dharwad Railway Station is undergoing a major revamp at a cost of ₹40Crores. The station will have a new terminal and additional platforms. Lifts will be installed to enable easy movement of passengers from one platform to another.

Dharwad Railway Station
Dharwad Railway Station: Under Construction

Also, Dharwad Railway Station will get a Vertical Garden which will be the first of its kind in North Karnataka. The Railway Station building will be covered by more than 3,600 ornamental plants at a cost of ₹10 Lakhs.

Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi

Sprawling across 75 acres, the state-of-the-art Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi was established in June 1999. The Loco Shed was built to house Eco-friendly and High powered locomotives, in collaboration with General Motors(GM) of the USA.

The Shed was opened with 12 Imported Locos in 1999, but it has grown in strength mainly after manufacturing of Locos started in Diesel Locomotive Works (DLW), Varanasi.

The present Loco holding of DLS, Hubballi is 195 as detailed below.

  • WDG4-134
  • WDP4-9
  • WDP4B-21
  • WDG4D-13
  • WDP4D-18
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