Smart City Projects in Hubballi-Dharwad

Hubballi Dharwad is one of the 100 cities included in the Central Government’s Smart City Mission‘. Hubballi was included in Round 2 of Smart Cities Mission in the year 2016.
Let us have a look at some of the important projects included under the Smart Cities Mission.

Unkal Naala Green Mobility Corridor (GMC)

Green Mobility Corridor Unkal Naala Hubli
Unkal Naala Redevelopment Plan: Typical Section

8.5km long Unkal Raj Naala which passes through many localities in Hubballi will turn into a picnic spot in the years to come. HDSCL has proposed to convert the Unkal Raj Naala to Green Mobility Corridor (GMC).

The main objective of the project is to convert inaccessible and dead space into physically accessible and vibrant Green Space of the city. The population along the proposed corridor is around 1 Lakh.

The total budget of the project is around ₹130 Crores. ₹80 Crores will be funded by France while HDSCL will invest ₹50 Crores.


Green Mobility Corridor Unkal Naala Hubballi
Unkal Naala Redevelopment Plan: Typical Sections
  • Provide continuous dedicated Cycle Track and Walkway with Canopies along with the Green cover, Recreational and Economic activities.
  • Improvement of existing Storm Water Drains, Sewage Water, and Solid Waste Infrastructure with correction of Naala section.
  • Includes Theme gardens, Outdoor gym, Children’s play area, Public parks Food streets, and Weekly markets wherever possible
  • Integration with BRTS corridor to encourage a sustainable mode of feeder connectivity.
  • Provision of Public Bicycle Sharing stations in the proposed corridor to integrate it with HDSCL PBS project.

Multi Level Car Parking at Court Circle, Hubballi

Multi Level Car Parking Complex Hubballi
Renders of Multi Level Car Parking(MLCP) Complex, Hubballi

Hubballi Dharwad Smart City is constructing a Smart Multi-Level Car Parking(MLCP) at Court Circle, Hubballi. The project will include Smart Card-based entry, Public Bike sharing, and Digital Billboards for ads. The total cost of the project is around ₹50 Crores

The built-up area of the project is around 1,22,500 sq. ft, in that 35,000 sq. ft of space will be utilized for commercial purposes. It is being built through Public-Private Partnership Mode on Design, Build, Finance, Operate and Transfer (DBFOT) basis.

Multi Level Car Parking(MLCP) Complex, Hubli
Multi Level Car Parking(MLCP) Complex, Hubballi: Under Construction


  • Multi-Level Car Parking(MLCP) complex will accommodate 290 cars at once. Each slot of cars will be designed in a way that accommodates 3 Bikes.
  • Parking Sensors, Boom Barricades, and Automatic Ticket Collection Kiosks will be part of the project
  • 25% area of the building will be covered with a vertical garden and another 25% of the area will have digital billboards to generate revenue.

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) System

Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS) System, Hubballi
Representative Image: Public Bicycle Sharing System

In order to promote eco-friendly mobility, HDSCL is implementing Public Bicycle Sharing at an estimated cost of Rs 8.5 crore under Public-Private Partnership(PPP) model. HDSCL is procuring 340 cycles from Malaysia, it will be available for public usage soon.


Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), Hubballi
List of proposed stops in Public Bicycle Sharing (PBS), Hubballi
  • Bicycles will work on Smart Cards, users need to download an app and register on it to use services.
  • It will be charged on an hourly basis, probably ₹5 per hour (Actual fare will be updated later).
  • Around 34 PBS stations have been proposed and the total area covered is around 30km.
  • Users can pick up bicycles at any PBS station and drop them at any other PBS station.

Tolanakere and Adjacent Park Redevelopment

Tolanakere Lake Redevelopment, Hubballi
Tolanakere Lake Redevelopment

HDSCL has taken up redevelopment of Tolanakere and a park adjacent to it at the cost of ₹15.57 Crores. The construction had started in early 2019 with an implementation duration of 18 months. But works have picked up only recently and are expected to be completed soon.


  • The pathways around the lake will be 7 meters wide. The total length of the pathway will be around 1.25km.
  • The park will have two entrance points and two watchtowers. It also includes artificial islands for Birds and a Floating Jetty.
  • The park will have Basketball and Badminton courts. Children’s Play Area and Party Lawns are included in the project.
  • Water Fountains, Space for Yoga, and a Zen Garden will be built for meditation.

Glass House Redevelopment & Puzzle Parking

Glass House Hubli
Glass House, Hubballi

Indira Gandhi Glasshouse, one of the prominent green spaces in Hubballi City spread over 17.5 acres is getting a facelift at an estimated cost of ₹12.04 Crores.

Along with it, an additional ₹4.67 Crores will be spent to revamp the Musical Fountain and Toy train which are poised to be the major attractions of the park.


  • Citizens can learn the history of Rani Chennamma, Sangolli Rayanna, and other heroes of North Karnataka through Musical Fountain.
  • HDSCL will relay the Skating Rink and develop a Sensory Garden primarily intended for bird watching.
  • Better landscape, redeveloped Amphitheatre, Hedge Maze, Kids play area will be an added attractions to the park.

Puzzle Parking:

Puzzle Parking Hubballi
Puzzle Parking facility at Glass House, Hubballi

First of its kind in Karnataka, Glasshouse, Hubballi will have a Puzzle Parking facility shortly. Proximity to Old Bus Stand, Chennamma Circle, and IT Park will make it an ideal location to host Puzzle Parking.

The facility will be of 5 levels, as many as 37 cars can be parked at once. Puzzle Parking will be a fully automated system that allows Horizontal and Vertical movement of parking spots in order to Park and Retrieve vehicles.

Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements

HDSCL has initiated Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) for implementation of Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of few roads in CBD and popular residential areas in various packages. They are as follows

  1. Package 1: Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of Gokul Road including Operation and Maintenance for five years in Hubballi City.
  2. Package 2: Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of Market Roads (Nehru Stadium Road, Victoria Road, Durgadbail Road, Station Road, Broadway, Koppikar Road, Coen Road, Maratha Galli Road, CBT Road, JC Nagar Road.
  3. Package 3: Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of Market Roads (Sangolli Rayanna Circle to Bankapur Chowk via Dajibanpeth road, Rani Chennamma Circle to Bankapur Chowk via Moorusaaviramatha, Kamaripet Police Station to Tulaja Bhavani Temple & Rani Chennamma Circle to Glass House Junction via Basel Mission School)
  4. Package 4: Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of Industrial road from Gate 1, Gate 2 to Tatwadharsha Hospital
  5. Package 5: Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of Central Excise Colony Road, Kumar Park Road, and Ramalingeshwara Nagara Road.
  6. Package 6: Smart Street Scape and Junction Improvements of Kotilingeshwara Nagara Road to Silver Town via JP Nagara Junction, Manjunath Nagara.
Smart City Hubballi
Smart Street Scape Road: Under Construction

Old Bus Stand Renovation and 25kW Solar plant

HDSCL has taken up renovation of Old Bus Stand, Hubballi at a cost of ₹36 Crores. Works are expected to start soon. The time to complete construction is 18 months. If all goes well, Hubballi will have a swanky new terminal by the second half of 2022.


  • The building will be of 3 levels – Basement, Ground Floor, and Upper Ground Floor.
  • Ground floor will be utilized to operate HDBRTS and City Bus services whereas Rural services will be operated from the Upper Ground Floor.
  • The basement will have parking facilities for private vehicles (Around 250 bikes and 90 Cars).
  • A 25kW Solar Power Plant has been included in the project in order to make the Bus Terminal self-reliant.

Renovation of Janata Bazaar and Old Hubli Vegetable Market

Janta Bazaar Hubli
Renders of new Janta Bazaar Complex


  • Total Cost of the Project: ₹18.65 Crores
  • Structure: Basement + Ground + 3 Floors + Terrace
  • Built up Area: 96,000 sq.ft.
  • Parking will be provided in the Basement, Shops on the Ground floor and 2nd floor, Offices, and Library on the 1st floor. Restaurant Entertainment options on the Third floor.
Old Hubli Market Renovation
Renders of Old-Hubli Vegetable Market


  • Total Cost of the Project: ₹14.72 Crores.
  • Structure: 2 Basement + Ground + 4 Floors + Terrace.
  • Built up Area: 86,178 sq.ft.
  • Parking will be provided in the Basement, Shops on the Ground floor and 2nd floor, Offices, and Library on the 1st floor. Restaurant and Entertainment options at Terrace.

Redevelopment of Nehru Ground

HDSCL has taken up redevelopment of Nehru Ground, Hubballi at a cost of ₹20.26 Crores. Works have already started and are expected to be completed soon.


  • As per the plan, the redeveloped Nehru Ground will have a Football Court, Volleyball Court, Basketball Court, Athletic Track, Track for Long Jump, 2 pitches for Cricket Net practice, Outdoor Gym, and a Kabaddi Ground.
  • As far as Indoor sports facilities are concerned, the redeveloped Nehru Ground will have a Mat Kabaddi field, Wrestling Mat, Karate training area, Badminton Court, Chess, and Carrom boards.
  • Redeveloped Nehru Ground will have new Roofing for spectators, Feature Wall with Flag Post, Refurbishment of existing seating, and a Toilet block.
  • Redeveloped Nehru Ground will also have a VIP building which will have facilities like VIP Lounge, Coach Area, Table Tennis Court, Gymnastics area and a Gym.
Nehru Ground, Hubballi
Nehru Ground Redevelopment plan

Non Motorized Traffic (NMT) Zone

HDSCL will convert Durgad Bail road to Non-Motorized Traffic (NMT) Zone, meaning Vehicles will not be allowed to enter and the road will be exclusively used for Eateries, Shopping, and Cultural activities.


  • HDSCL is already constructing Smart Road from Koppikar Road to Durgad Bail Road around 1.4km including proper footpaths, Cycle Tracks, and other facilities.
  • Music, Arts, Painting, and Cultural events will be organized on weekends and Public holidays along the stretch.
  • Easily accessible from Smart Multi-Level Parking Complex at Court Circle. People can either park their vehicle and walk for shopping or they can make use of Pubic Bicycle Sharing (PBS) system to rent a bicycle to their Point of Interest.
  • Shop owners will be allowed to load and unload from 10 PM to 9 AM. Vehicular Movement will be allowed only to load and unload materials to help shopkeepers.

Other Projects:

  1. LED Streetlights: Implementation of Energy efficient streetlights by replacement of existing conventional lamps to LED lamps along with Centralized Control and Monitoring System (CCMS) in Hubballi-Dharwad City.
  2. Roof Top Solar Project: Design, Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic Systems at multiple locations owned by HDMC (Approximately 340 Kwp).
  3. Swimming Pool: Renovation of HDMC Swimming Pool and Operation & Maintenance for five Years under HDSCL.
  4. Electrical Crematorium: Construction of Electrical Crematorium at Harishchandra Burial Ground at Ward No.50, Hubballi.
  5. Constructing Rain Water Recharge Pit & Recharge Trench at various locations/ Supplying and Providing E-toilets at various locations/Maintaining Litter-Free Zones at Various Locations.
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  1. While these plans look great on paper,their implementation is always a quetion mark! Also it’s unfortunate that Dharwad is not getting any project in the Smart City plan!

  2. Implement at least one project on time and perfectly and on time which is highly impossible. Moreover Unkal renovation estimation is very exhorbitant and needs to be audited.

  3. Good to see the Smart City work but my suggestion is please do concrete road work one at time it is very difficult to move in the city as every were the roads are digged and public are facing lots of problem.The Keshwapur Road which connect railway bridge and Keshwapur circle is still under construction since more then three months why so much of delay.

  4. it is hubli smart city i think but name hubli-dharwad smrt city projects but not a single project of development of dharwad is there ii do known what our elected representaticve are doing they are sleeping slumber it is high time we should have diffrent municipal corporation for hubli amd dharwad if this happens step motherly treatment to dharwad we people of dharwad should ask for bifurcation of nuncipal corporatiom with diffrent commissioner and mayor and corportors

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  7. All smart city projects will be commissioned.Who monitors the quality of construction? Will there be any action in case of low quality of construction? What is the plan for further maintenance? Many Govt projects are commissioned but not maintained.

  8. Sir, This is regarding your electric boxes ur installing on the edge of footpath. At Broadway Road opposite Bakale sweet Shop the stand of the box has been installed on the road instead of on the edge of the footpath and by today or tomorrow the Box will be installed,so please look into the matter urgently before installing the Box and do the needful.

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