WDG4 12001 gets new Lease of Life, thanks to SWR

Great news for Railfans! WDG4 12001 GT46MAC, also known as the ‘Godfather’ has received new lease of life after completing its safety schedules in its mother shed i.e Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi.

WDG4 12001 gets new Lease of Life, thanks to SWR
Fresh look of 12001 GT46MAC, all thanks to SWR

The WDG4 locomotive 12001 is the pride of Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi, and the cynosure of many Railfans. The locomotive is India’s first High Horse Power (HHP) EMD, and also the first imported locomotive from General Motors.

The locomotive was subjected to inhouse Periodic overhauling in Hubballi during the month of October. SWR had shared the pictures of the ‘Godfather’ undergoing Periodic overhauling.

WDG4 12001 gets new Lease of Life, thanks to SWR
12001 GT46MAC undergoing POH at Diesel Loco Shed, Hubballi

It is worth recalling that Indian railways had decided to convert 12001 loco to E-loco during March 2020. The move had irked railfans as they ran a campaign ‘Save12001asHeritage‘ to prevent the conversion.

SWR had responded positively towards the request of Railfans and had dropped the idea to convert the Loco into an Electric Locomotive.

In a tweet, SWR had confirmed that “It’s our duty and pleasure to preserve the rich heritage of Railways. We appreciate the passion and enthusiasm of Railfans in this cause”.

The EMD GT46MAC is a Diesel-Electric loco built by General Motors Electromotive division in 1997-98 for Indian railways. The locomotive has been classed as WDG4.

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