SWR felicitates staff for exemplary safety consciousness

SWR General Manager Sanjeev Kishore felicitated the staff of South Western Railway, who showed exemplary safety consciousness and displayed alertness in averting untoward incidents during duty.

On March 27th 2023, Shri C.K. Gautam, Loco Pilot, and Shri Mahendra Sahu, Asst. Loco Pilot, Vijayapura, while working o­n a goods train they observed a piece of rail cut between the stations of Jumnal and Vijayapura.

They immediately stopped the train at a distance of 60 meters before the obstruction and took all necessary precautions for safety. Their prompt action prevented a major safety mishap.

On March 4th 2023, Shri Imran Ahmad, Loco Pilot, and Shri M. Brijin, Asst. Loco Pilot, Sakleshpur, while working o­n a goods train between the stations of Alur and Hassan, the crew observed men o­n the track. Their diligent observation prevented major safety mishap.

On March 5th 2023, Shri J. Mohammed Sadhiq, Junior Engineer, Carriage & Wagon, and Shri P. Mahantesh, Technician, Carriage & Wagon, Harihar, noticed an unusual excess displacement between the body and bogie of the brake van during the rolling-out examination of the iron ore loaded goods train at Harihar yard.

They reported the incident to Station Master and Control and took necessary action to ensure safe train operation. Then the train was stopped and further steps were taken.

Shri Krishnamurari, Station Master, Shiribagilu, noticed a spark emanating from o­ne of the wagon’s wheels during the exchange of the all right signal for a goods train o­n March 15, 2023.

He immediately informed the crew of this anomaly, and after the goods guard and loco pilots examined the train, a hot axle was identified from Wagon.

The train was stabled at Shiribagilu Yard, while the culprit wagon was detached. Rapid corrective measures and, thus, safe train operation was ensured by the Station Master’s exceptional attention to trains and prompt reporting of odd occurrences.

On April 11th 2023, Shri M.P. Lakshmi Narayana, Gangmate, who was working as acting keyman, informed the Senior Section Engineer in charge of Ballari, regarding weld failure between the Ballari – Rayadurga sections and the track was temporarily restored with speed restrictions without any train detention. The possibility of an incident was prevented by the gangmate.

The staff were felicitated by General Manager for their exemplary behavior in ensuring the safety during emergency situations. Principal Chief Safety Officer Shri Alok Kumar was present o­n the occasion.

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