Shri Siddharooda Swamiji Hubballi Jn is now the second biggest yard in SWR

To facilitate additional Platforms and easy receipt and dispatch of trains at Shree Siddharoodha Swamiji Hubballi Station, Yard Remodelling was successfully commissioned with Electronic Interlocking. After yard remodeling, SSS Hubballi Jn now has the second biggest yard in SWR limits.

Hubballi Jn had 5 platforms and there was a need to increase the same to handle ever-increasing traffic. As there was no space towards the Londa side/Station roadside of Hubballi, the yard was expanded towards Davangere/Gadag.

Three new platforms are added Longitudinally in continuation of existing platforms, Out of these Platform Number 1 is slated to become the Longest Platform in the World with a length of 1505m. The length of another platform being added now is 1123 m.

Salient Features of Hubballi Jn Yard Remodeling

  • State of the Art Electronic Interlocking having Distributed Architecture with Dual Visual Display Units & Hot standby to control entire yard operations. The existing Route Relay Interlocking system is replaced.
  • Total Number of Routes – 556 (502 in Hubballi Jn, second highest in SWR  + 54 in Hubballi South).
  • Number of Points – 109 (44 crossovers, 16 single ends & 5 trap).  Signals – 130 (31 Main + 27 Calling o­n + 72 shunts).Track circuits – 130 (including an MSDAC for steel girder bridge point Zone).
  • Number of Roads – 11, Number of Sidings – 16, Number of Shunting necks – 2, Number of EI huts – 3 (One each at East, West and Central).

Benefits of Yard Remodeling

  • Enables simultaneous movements of trains in Hubballi Yard from three directions namely Bengaluru, Gadag & Londa side.
  • Routing of home signals where trains have to wait for clearance to enter into the platform has been eliminated so that trains arriving at Hubballi can stop directly in the Platform/Track.
  • In Hubballi Yard speed restriction of 15 Kmph has been relaxed and full speed o­n Mainline can be achieved.
  • 4 numbers of Main Line movements in the yard (2 from Bengaluru end & 2 from Gadag end). Two new Stabling Line and One Engine Escape line provided towards the Gadag end.

Speaking o­n the occasion Shri Ajay Kumar Singh, GM/SWR congratulated the officials and workers for completing the Yard Remodeling and Interlocking 14 hours before the scheduled time. Hubballi Station is now a step closer to entering into Guinness Book of records.

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