Hubballi to get World’s Longest Railway Platform

One of the busiest Railway Stations in Karnataka and the Headquarters of South Western Railways(SWR), Shri Siddharooda Swamiji Hubballi Jn is about to get World’s Longest Platform.

World's Longest Railway Platform Hubballi
World’s Longest Railway Platform Under Construction: Credits – Twitter/Hubballi Rail Users

Earlier it was decided to increase the length of the platform to 1,400 meters, Later SWR decided to increase it to 1,505-meters. At present the 1,366-meter long platform at Uttar Pradesh’s Gorakhpur (HQ of North Eastern Railway) has the world’s longest platform.

The project is taken up at a cost of ₹ 90 Crores and it is part of Hubballi Yard Remodeling which is again part of Bengaluru-Hubballi doubling and Guntakal to Vasco doubling.

Apart from it, SSS Hubballi Jn will also get 3 additional platforms taking the number of platforms count to 8 from 5. And third entrance is also planned from the Church side. That makes SSS Hubballi Jn one of the few railway stations in India to have 3 entry points.

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