Night Curfew to be imposed in Karnataka from Dec 28 to Jan 7

Karnataka government has imposed Night Curfew across the state from December 28th till January 7. Night curfew will be effective from 10 PM to 5 AM.

From Dec 30th till January 2nd, Restaurants /Hotels / Bars and Pubs will function with 50% of their seating capacity strictly adhering to Covid Appropriate Behavior.

All staff members of the said entities to compulsorily possess Negative RT-PCR report and should be fully vaccinated with 2 doses of the vaccine.

All Gatherings, meetings, conferences, including marriages, etc. from 28th December, should strictly limit the number of participants to 300 people only. The responsibility to enforce the same lies with the organizers.

Guidelines for the Night Curfew

The movement of individuals shall remain strictly prohibited between 10 PM to 5 AM, except for essential activities. Patients and their attendants/persons requiring the Emergency need for movement shall be allowed to move.

All Industries/Companies which require operations at night shall be permitted to operate. Movement of employees of such organizations shall be allowed on producing valid ID card/authorization issued by their respective Organization/Institution.

Employees and vehicles of Telecom and Internet Service providers shall be allowed movement on producing valid ID cards issued by their respective organization/institution.

Medical, Emergency and Essential services including Pharmacies will be fully functional and other Commercial activities are prohibited.

There shall be no restriction in the movement of all types of goods through trucks, goods vehicles, or any goods carriers, including empty vehicles. Home delivery of goods and operations of E-Commerce companies are allowed.

Movement of Buses, Trains, Metro rail services, and air travel are permitted Movement of Public Transport, Private vehicles and taxis to and from airports, bus terminals/bus stand, railway stations, etc. are allowed.

For facilitating the movement of passengers by Air, Rail, and Road, The movement will be allowed only on displaying valid travel Documents or Tickets.

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