Hubballi junction gets E-loco, will act as Traction change point

Royapuram (RPM) WAP-7, 30680 hauling the MysuruHubballi Hampi express became the first E-loco to enter SSS Hubballi junction as far as the commercial run is concerned.

Hampi express from Mysuru (Train number 16592) hauled by RPM WAP-7, 30680 entered Shri Siddharooda Swami (SSS) Hubballi junction at 10:30 AM.

RPM WAP-7 hauling Hampi express entering SSS Hubballi junction

With this, the SSS Hubballi junction will now act as one of the Traction change points in Indian Railways. Until now, the Hosapete junction used to be the Traction change point for Hubballi bound trains.

A Traction change point is a place where the Diesel loco gets changed from Electric Loco or Electric Loco gets changed to Diesel Locomotive like Alcos or even EMD’s.

2 of the trains from Hubballi will get end-to-end E-locos starting from today. Train number 16592/91 Hampi express and 17225/26 Hubballi Vijayawada express will get end-to-end E-loco.

Train number 17225 Vijayawada-Hubballi express from Vijayawada entered Hubballi junction at 11:10 AM. It became the second train to get E-loco to Hubballi.

Shifting from usage of conventional fuel to greener transport and to reduce carbon footprint, SWR has decided to run 2 of the trains with E-loco. Few other trains will get E-locos at the earliest.

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