‘Know Your Army’ stall setup at National Youth Festival

Indian Army has established two ‘Know Your Army’ stalls at the ongoing 26th National Youth Festival 2023 at Dharwad.

Indian Army has set up two stalls at KCD Ground where the Arms and Ammunition used by the Armed forces are kept on display.

The ‘Know Your Army’ stalls have been divided into two sections, one displaying the Weapons used in the Military and the other one giving information on admission to the Agni Veera scheme.

In the weapons display section, state-of-the-art weapons that are the epitome of strength in the Indian Army are housed. The weapons on the display are as follows.

7.62mm Single Assualt Rifle, 7.62mm LMG, AK-47, Sniper DSR, MMG, Rocket Launcher, etc have been kept at the display to know more about them for curious visitors.

The stall also displays the Surveillance equipment used during both Day and Night. The army personnel at the venue will inform about the Innovations in the sector.

In the other stall, the Army personnel will explain the steps to be followed to join the Indian Army through the Agni Veera scheme.

Armed forces are very much in need of youth as the number of middle-aged people in the army has increased. “Agni Veera Scheme” is a way to encourage young energy, and young blood to join the armed forces.

The stalls have also been opened with the aim of removing the widespread misconception about the Agniveer Scheme.

Information will also be provided on the employment opportunities for the returning youth after four years of service, and the overall benefits of Agni Veer Yojana to the country and individuals.

These stalls have been opened to make everyone aware of the country’s capable forces and make everyone proud of the nation’s Sovereignty.

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