IndiGo revises schedule of few flights from Hubballi

IndiGo has made some changes to the operation of a few flights from Hubballi Airport. The change will be effective from 26th March 2023 and will be valid till 28th October 2023.

IndiGo connects Hubballi Airport with Bengaluru, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. IndiGo operates a mix of ATR-72 and Airbus A320 aircraft to operate the flights.

Also, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has released the Summer schedule for flight operations. The summer schedule and changes made by IndiGo are as follows.

Bengaluru: 6E 7227 departs Bengaluru at 5:55 AM and reaches Hubballi Airport at 7:20 AM. 6E 7233 departs Hubballi at 7:40 AM and reaches Bengaluru at 9:10 AM. The flight will operate on all days.

6E 7162 leaves Bengaluru airport at 4:25 PM and reaches Hubballi at 5:50 PM. 6E 7161 leaves Hubballi Airport at 9:40 PM. and reaches Bengaluru at 11:10 PM.

Chennai: 6E 7185 leaves Chennai at 10:40 AM and reaches Hubballi at 12:30 PM. 6E 7083 leaves Hubballi airport at 4:45 PM. and reaches Chennai at 6:25 PM. The flight will operate on all days.

Delhi: 6E 5624 leaves Delhi airport at 12:00 PM. and reaches Hubballi at 2:25 PM. 68 2625 leaves Hubballi Airport at 2:55 PM and reaches Delhi at 5:25 PM. The flight will operate on all days.

Mumbai: 6E 7291 leaves Hubballi at 12:50 PM and reaches Mumbai at 2:15 PM. 6E 7292 leaves Mumbai at 2:50 PM and reaches Hubli airport at 4:25 PM. The flight will operate on all days.

Hyderabad: 6E 7416 leaves Hubballi at 5:25 PM and reaches Hyderabad at 6:45 PM. 6E 7417 leaves Hyderabad at 3:45 PM and reaches Hubballi at 5:05 PM. The flight will operate on all days.

Pune: 6E 7189 leaves Hubballi at 6:10 PM and reaches Pune at 6:45 PM. 6E 7716 leaves Pune at 7:55 PM and reaches Hubballi at 9:20 PM. The flight is on Saturday and Sunday only.

As per the summer schedule 2023 released by DGCA, Star Air is likely to come back to Hubballi Airport to operate flights to Bengaluru. The flight will be operated by Embraer E145 aircraft.

However, bookings are yet to open for the same. As per schedule, S5 101/102 will operate on all days. So Hubballi is likely to get another daily flight to Bengaluru soon.

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