Hubballi Airport likely to get dedicated Airport buses soon

There is some good news for air travelers using Hubballi Airport. Hubballi Airport is likely to get dedicated bus services from Dharwad and a few other parts of Hubballi city.

A delegation including Hubballi Airport director Pramod Kumar Thakre, Sunil Nalavade, Vishwanath Somapur, and Hubballi Infra admin Manjunath, DGM Civil Hubballi Airport met NWKRTC MD Shri Bharat S at NWKRTC HQ in Hubballi.

The delegation proposed to start dedicated Airport buses from Dharwad and other parts of Hubballi city. Thanks to Siddhalingeshwar Mathad, one of the board of directors who arranged the meeting.

NWKRTC MD had assured to take positive action on the same. As a starter, the buses going through Hubballi Airport (For ex: CBT-Gokul bus) will have a stopover at Hubballi Airport during peak hours.

We also suggested starting dedicated Express buses to Hubballi Airport. MD has assured us to look into it positively and start Airport buses under some branding (Like Vayu Vajra buses in Bengaluru).

NWKRTC is doing a commercial feasibility study on the same, and once it is done they will launch buses to Airport at suitable timings. Hubballi Airport director has also agreed to provide space in the Airport.

Air traffic is slowly catching up to pre-pandemic levels. Hubballi is likely to get direct flights to Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Jodhpur soon. The Airport Bus is likely to provide convenient connections to HBX.

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