HDMC to develop Miyawaki forest at 5 places

Hubballi Dharwad Municipal Corporation (HDMC) has decided to develop Miyawaki forest at 5 places in Hubballi Dharwad. 2 Miyawaki forests will be developed in Hubballi and 3 will be developed in Dharwad.

Named after Japanese scientist Dr. Akira Miyawaki, the methodology has been extremely successful in creating Urban Forests. The Miyawaki forests can grow up to 10 times faster, be 30 times denser, and 100 times more bio-diverse.

HDMC Commissioner Dr. Suresh Itnal said that “HDMC is responsible to develop more and more green cover in the twin cities. The project is aimed at developing urban forests to increase the green cover and the oxygen levels”.

HDMC has identified 2 places in Hubballi to develop Miyawaki forests. One near Tolanakere and another one at Pyramid center near Nrupatunga Betta. HDMC is identifying 3 suitable places in Dharwad to develop Miyawaki forests.

The Corporation is spending ₹2 Crores to develop the Miyawaki forest at Tolanakere. It has already spent around ₹68 Lakhs to construct a Compound wall and 8ft grill to protect the forest. Another ₹1.30 Crores will be used to build Walking paths, Street lights, and other amenities.

As per the plan, HDMC is utilizing around 2.5 acres of land near Tolanakere to develop the Miyawaki forest. The forest will have a Tree park, Medicinal herbs, a Playground for children, etc. The planted trees will also have nameplates for the benefit of nature lovers.

HDMC is planting around 100 varieties of plants, herbs, and trees in the proposed Miyawaki forest. Rotary Club of Hubballi has undertaken the task of Creating and Maintaining the Miyawaki forest for one year. The club will be spending around ₹50-60 Lakhs for the same.

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