Dharwad Railway Station to get Second entry on Kalyan Nagar side

There is some good news for Dharwad citizens! Dharwad Railway Station is going to get Second entry towards the Kalyan Nagar side under the Central government’s Amrit Bharat Station scheme.

Dharwad Railway Station is being redeveloped under the Amrit Bharat Station scheme at a cost of ₹17.1 Crores. The redevelopment works at the station under the scheme are as follows.

A new second entry building measuring 300 Sq.m will be constructed towards the Kalyan Nagar side. Platform Shelter, Platform flooring, and entrance porches will be provided.

A 12m wide central Foot over Bridge (FOB) will be constructed by extending the existing 6m old FOB. The railway station will get 3 additional Lifts and 2 Escalators.

Apart from that, Lighting arrangements will be improved. LED Platform name boards, LED signages Facade lighting etc will be provided for the convenience of the passengers.

Improvements to the interiors including furniture, waiting halls, toilets, circulatory area, parking space, illumination, and landscaping have been included in the redevelopment plan.

Also the Coach indicator boards, Train indication boards, Public Address System (PA system) to announce the arrival/departure of trains, and clocks etc will be added.

Dharwad Railway Station was redeveloped recently at a cost of ₹20 Crores. It was inaugurated on the 10th of October 2022. Read more: Renovated Railway Station at Dharwad.

Amrit Bharat Station scheme aims to enhance and modernize railway stations throughout India. The scheme intends to upgrade 1275 railway stations across India and 55 in Karnataka.

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