Hubballi Bengaluru Superfast Express cancelled indefinitely

South Western Railway (SWR) has decided to cancel the services of Train Number 07339/07340 Hubballi KSR Bengaluru Hubballi Superfast Express indefinitely.

The dedicated Superfast train introduced a few months back had become a lifeline for the travellers between Hubballi and Bengaluru. Now people will be forced to book on the other trains.

The train used to receive an excellent response from the people. In the last 3 days, the Sleeper coaches have been fully booked, while AC 3-tier and AC 2-tier coaches are getting more than 90% patronage.

Also, the train reduced the load on Rani Chennamma Express and Belagavi Bengaluru Express. Now, getting confirmed tickets on these trains is going to be tougher than ever.

DRM Hubballi (@drmubl) shared the cancellation news on their social media accounts. The post has received widespread backlash from the citizens of Hubballi Dharwad.

The tweet read “Train No.07340/39 KSR Bengaluru SSS Hubballi Superfast Express Special will be cancelled from 20th November and 21st November respectively until further advice.

Train Number 07339 SSS Hubballi to KSR Bengaluru Daily Superfast Express Special was notified to run till December 31, 2023 from Hubballi end.

In the return direction, KSR Bengaluru SSS Hubballi Daily Superfast Express Special train (07340) was notified to run till January 1, 2024 from the Bengaluru end.

Train Number 07339 SSS Hubballi to KSR Bengaluru Superfast train used to leave Hubballi Railway Station at 11:15 PM and reach KSR Bengaluru Railway Station at 6:50 AM.

In the return direction, Train Number 07340 KSR Bengaluru to SSS Hubballi Superfast Express train used to leave Bengaluru at 11:55 PM and reach SSS Hubballi railway station at 7:30 AM.

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13 thoughts on “Hubballi Bengaluru Superfast Express cancelled indefinitely

  1. Every one knows that SWR & that too North Karnataka is the most neglected section by the Railway authorities. So once again the dirty Authorities have shown their true colours by cancellation of most popular train. MP Pralhad Joshi should immediately intervene & take steps to re-start the train.

  2. I am a regular traveller by this train bothways.Very convenient and without any disturbance whole night. Pls reschedule it.

  3. Very useful to HUBBALLI NAVALGUND NARGUND LAXMESHWAR KALGATAGI BAILHONGAL people to go to Bangalore in short time with pre reservations

  4. This train should not be cancelled, it is very convenient even though the fares are higher compared to Ranichennamma and Belgavi express,
    The seats ate available even 2 to 3 days in advance, compared to Rani chennamma, where it always shiwa WL
    Request not to cancel , PL RESTRAT THE TRAIN

  5. I am regular traveller . This train is very helpful, cancellation of the train is very sad to hear, again we have been pushed to try booking for Rani chennamma or bgm exp were getting the berths confirmed is very challenging and there will be no other go to find alternative solution to travel by bus.

  6. It’s sad to know about cancelling this superfast express. Can the concerned railway authorities provide a valid reason for the cancellation? Hubli Dharwad is the fastest growing twin cities and many passengers are traveling using this train. You need to cancel any other trains which do not fill the seats but not this train. Hope it would restart

  7. It is a very conveniently timed and need of the passengers in and around Hubballi Dharwad. Prahlad Joshi ji and other concerned MPs should intervene to continue the said train.

  8. Please do not cancel This train, because most of people coming from near city like Annigeri, Bagalkoti,sirsi, daily its going full of passangers, becasue rani chennamma train Every day its houseful there is no place to traval gernral compartment also, so it is very usfull for our hubli passangers , every time i booked in tatkal tiket, now there resion not acceptable. So we are going request to start once again this train

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