Covid-19 Negative Certificate not compulsory to get treatment in private hospitals

As the State is experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 there is a surge of COVID 19 positive cases and it has been observed that some of the hospitals are demanding COVID-19 Negative Certificate for the admission of patients.

It is causing a delay in the treatment of Non-Covid related ailments which is gross negligence on the part of hospitals. It has also been reported that the persons coming for the COVID-19 test are standing in the queues for long hours.

Hence, it is hereby directed that all the Private Hospitals shall ensure that in cases, where there are no symptoms of Covid-19 in patients, there should be no compulsion to provide Covid-19 Negative Certificate for getting them admitted into hospitals for Non-Covid reasons (Covid-19 test shall be mandated in case of any invasive procedures after admission).

Further, all the testing laboratories which are testing for Covid-19 are directed to maintain separate queues for Senior citizens and Pregnant women. The laboratories shall also ensure that Social Distancing is maintained by marking on the Floor/leaving Alternate Chairs vacant, Wearing of Mask, Hand Sanitizer facilities are to be provided for the patients while waiting to get tested for covid-19.

‘The hospitals and the laboratories which are found to be not following the above directions will be liable for strict action under the provisions of Karnataka Private Medical Establishment (KPME) Act and Epidemic Diseases Act 2020 ‘ said Jawaid Akhtar (Additional Chief Secretary to Government, Department of Health and Family Welfare) in a press statement.

Covid 19 Negative Certificate not compulsory to get treatment in private hospitals for Non-Covid related diseases
Advisory from Government of Karnataka
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