Cloud seeding to start from Hubballi Airport today

Ranebennur MLA Prakash Koliwad has decided to initiate ‘Cloud seeding’ activities around Ranebennur and parts of Haveri district to make Haveri district Drought-free.

The cloud seeding operations will be flagged off from Hubballi Airport today (4th September) at 2 PM. The activity will continue for 3 days i.e 4th, 5th and 6th September.

MLA Prakash Koliwad has initiated The cloudseeding activity at his own expense. The entire activity will be co-ordinated and funded by PKK initiatives.

It is worth noting that Chief Minister of Karnataka Siddaramaiah had decided not to go ahead with the cloud-seeding. Several parts of Karnataka have experienced shortage of rainfall.

What is Cloud Seeding? Cloud seeding is a weather modification technique that improves a cloud’s ability to produce rain or snow by introducing tiny ice nuclei into certain types of subfreezing clouds.

Clouds are made up of tiny Water droplets or Ice crystals that form when Water vapor in the atmosphere cools and condenses around a tiny particle of dust or salt floating in the Atmosphere.

Cloudseeding chemicals may be dispersed by an aircraft or by dispersion devices located on the ground (generators or canisters fired from anti-aircraft guns or rockets). For release by aircraft, silver iodide flares are ignited and dispersed as an aircraft flies through the inflow of a cloud.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said the cabinet sub-committee will decide on areas that can be declared drought-hit and will draw up measures to tackle the situation.

Ranebennur MLA Prakash Koliwad has decided to continue with the Cloud seeding activities in Haveri district, though CM of Karnataka decided not to do it.

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