Abhay Patil’s ‘Beyond Hubballi’ statement receives widespread backlash

A statement by the Belagavi South MLA Abhay Patil to start ‘Beyond Hubballi’ campaign has received widespread backlash from the netizens of the twin cities.

On Friday, during his speech at the Winter session at Belagavi, Abhay Patil demanded the government start the ‘Beyond Hubballi’ campaign.

Many citizens took to Twitter to express their displeasure with his statement. Many analogies and memes were posted on Twitter criticizing the statement by Abhay Patil.

Nagabhushanb, a Twitter user said ‘Belagavi district has the highest number of Industries in North Karnataka, if that’s the case then one shouldn’t worry about others”.

Another Twitter user, Girish pointed out that “The government should consider #ComeForwardBelagavi campaign, that would have been a better campaign than the Beyond Hubballi”.

For long, North Karnataka was deprived of the necessary infrastructure and zeal to bring Industrial or Information Technology (IT) related investments to the region.

Government of Karnataka has started a few initiatives like Beyond Bengaluru to promote emerging Technology Clusters in Tier 2/3 cities of the state.

Few users have supported the statement of Abhay Patil that he is trying to bring investments to his city. But many felt that it could have been done in a different way.

North Karnataka needs to stay united to reach new heights of development. Many also pointed out that political leaders should stop making controversial statements which would harm the unity of the region.

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