Why Dharwad is called as Vidya Kashi?

Dharwad district is popularly called as ‘Vidya Kashi‘ or ‘Shikshana Kashi‘ as it is the Education Hub of North Karnataka.

Karnataka University, Dharwad
Karnataka University, Dharwad

Dharwad is home to premium Institutions like the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIT), and 4 universities viz, Karnataka University, University of Agricultural Sciences, Karnataka State Law University, and KLE Technological University.

Hubballi-Dharwad has 5 Engineering Colleges and 4 Medical Colleges and many other colleges related to the health care sector. Dharwad has around 150 PU colleges and 27 Degree Colleges and 13 Polytechnic Colleges.

Besides the Colleges and Universities, Dharwad is also home to 30+ Coaching Institutes which offer coaching in various streams like IAS, KAS, IIT-JEE, NEET, Banking exams, etc. This draws students from all over North Karnataka as well as from neighboring states.

Thus Dharwad not only gives excellent education in various streams but also helps to shape the career of students by giving competitive training. Hence Dharwad has rightfully earned the title ‘Vidya Kashi’ and ‘Shikshana Kashi’.

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3 thoughts on “Why Dharwad is called as Vidya Kashi?

  1. My native , my Dharwad missing a lot after I left out of India now almost 30 + years , thinking this year I will take retirement and settle down in Dharwad or Hubli with family. Will Enjoy my best time 😁 , these twin cities have changed a lot in these 30 years & gave 2 CM’s hope in coming years these will develop as a north Karnataka hub for education, employment, connectivity, industrial & trading

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