Upgrading Hubballi Airport to International standards is under scrutiny

Good days ahead for Hubballi Airport! Renovation of Hubballi Airport terminal and other facilities to the International standards is under intense scrutiny by the central government.

With the increase in the Number of passengers using Hubballi Airport and the inauguration of national-level institutes like IIT, IIIT has necessitated the upgradation of Hubballi Airport.

The upgraded terminal building will have all the modern facilities including 3 Aerobridges, the ability to handle 1,400 peak-hour passengers covering an area of 20,000 sq.m.

Apart from it, the runway of Hubballi Airport will be increased by 600m and also the Area of the Apron will be increased to match International standards.

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At present, the terminal of Hubballi Airport covers an area of 3,600 sq.m. It can handle 300 peak-hour passengers. The apron at Hubballi Airport can handle 3 Code-C aircraft or 5 ATR-sized aircraft.

Last month, Union Minister and Dharwad MP Pralhad Joshi had written to the Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia to upgrade Hubballi Airport to International standards.

Responding positively to his request, Jyotiraditya Scindia has stated that the proposal for all the improvement works is under the intense scrutiny of the central government.

Hubballi Airport will be the pride of the twin cities when all the improvement works are completed. As of now, Hubballi Airport is the third busiest Airport in Karnataka.

Union Minister and Dharwad MP Pralhad Joshi stated that he is in constant touch with the Civil aviation ministry to get this proposal cleared to start work at the earliest.

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3 thoughts on “Upgrading Hubballi Airport to International standards is under scrutiny

  1. Earlier BELGAVI was 3rd busiest airport in karnataka. Due to cancellation of few flights Hubballi has gained 3rd place.

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