Traffic diverted over expansion of BRTS Corridor at Bairidevarakoppa

Traffic has been diverted from Bairidevarakoppa to Navanagar over the expansion of the HDBRTS corridor near Baidevarakoppa in Hubballi.

Those who are going towards Dharwad from Hubballi, need to take a left turn before Bellad Hyundai showroom and rejoin the HDBRTS corridor near BGauss EV showroom.

And those who are going towards Hubballi from Dharwad need to take a left turn at APMC, pass through the APMC premises and re-enter the BRTS corridor near Hubballi Residency hotel.

The traffic has been diverted as HDBRTS initiated the land acquisition process to widen the BRTS corridor involving a religious structure (Dargah) near Baidevarakoppa.

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