Navanagar residents block Road over Irregular water supply

Residents of Navanagar and surrounding areas came out and protested against the irregular water supply in and around Navanagar earlier today.

Showing their anger, the citizens blocked the Navanagar main road for around 15-20 minutes. Later, police had to intervene to convince the protestors to stop blocking the road.

Citizens expressed their anger over the irregular supply of water in the locality and demanded to resolve it as soon as possible in the interest of the public.

Navanagar residents block Road over Irregular water supply
Residents blocked Navanagar Main Road over Irregular water supply

One of the residents said that ‘Water board is supplying water from 1 AM to 4 AM. We do not have any information on water supply timings, and we are having sleepless nights”.

Another resident added that “We are not getting proper water supply for the last 15 days. And when it comes, the pressure of water is less than what it used to be”.

The responsibility to supply water to the wards of the Hubli Dharwad Twin Cities was recently handed over to L&T. Due to the handover, a few localities faced disruption in the water supply.

For this, officials and people’s representatives are holding a meeting and trying to find a solution. L&T and HDMC officials need to work together to solve the problem at the earliest.

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