Traffic diversion on Hubballi Vijayapura road due to CM’s visit

Due to the Chief minister’s visit to Navalgund tomorrow (Feb 24), the Dharwad district administration has made some changes to the vehicular movement on NH 218 Hubballi Vijayapura Road.

The traffic diversion will be effective from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM tomorrow (February 24). Details of the diversion and other details are as follows.

Heavy vehicles coming from the Hubballi side towards Vijaypura will be diverted from Kusugal to Nargund via Byahatti, Tirlapura, Halakusugal Cross, and Alagavadi.

Heavy vehicles coming from Vijayapura side towards Hubballi will be diverted from Nargund via Alagavadi, Tirlapura, Byahatti, and Kusugal by skipping Navalgund.

NWKRTC/KSRTC buses coming from Hubli side will have to take Yamanur, Tirlapura, Halakusugal Cross, Alagavadi, Gobbaragumpi, and Gobbaragumpi Cross towards Nargund.

Buses coming from Vijayapura side towards Hubballi will have to take Gobbaragumpi Cross, Gobbaragumpi, Alagavadi, Halakusugal Cross, Tirlapura and Yamanur.

Heavy vehicles coming from Annigeri side towards Vijayapura will have to take Hallikeri, Navalli, Shalavadi, Tadahala, and Nargund route. Citizens have been requested to co-operate on the same.

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Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is visiting Navalgund tomorrow (Feb 24) to inaugurate various development works of Navalgund, the Convention of Guarantee project, Distribution of Rights certificates to the beneficiaries of various projects and Foundation stone laying ceremony of a few projects.

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