SWR to restore Hubballi Miraj Express train

South Western Railways (SWR) has decided to restore Hubballi Miraj Hubballi Daily Express (Train Number 17332/17331) from August 25th from Hubli.

Train Number 17332 Hubballi Miraj Daily Express leaves SSS Hubballi Junction Railway Station at 10:30 AM and reaches Miraj Railway Station at 6:30 PM on the same day.

En route, the train stops at Unkal, Navalur, Dharwad, Kyarkop, Mugad, Kambarganvi, Alnavar, Tavargatti, Devarayi, Londa, Gunji, Khanapur, Desur, Belagavi, Sambre.

Sulebhavi, Suladhal, Pachhapur, Gokak Road, Ghataprabha, Chikodi Road, Rayabag, Chinchli, Kudachi, Ugar Khurd, Shedbal, Vijayanagar, and reaches Miraj at 6:30 PM.

In the return direction, Train Number 17331 Miraj Hubballi Daily Express leaves Miraj Railway Station at 6:10 AM and reaches SSS Hubballi Junction Railway Station at 3:00 PM on the same day.

The stoppages will remain the same in the return direction. But from the Miraj side Train number 17331 will be restored with effective from 27th August 2022.

For the convenience of passengers, South Western Railway (SWR) has also decided to resume 2 other pairs of Daily Unreserved Express/Special Trains. Details of the same are as follows.

Train Number 17333 / 17334 Miraj – Castle Rock – Miraj Daily Unreserved Express with effect journey commencing from 26th August from both sides.

Train Number 07351 / 07352 Miraj – Londa – Miraj Daily Unreserved Express Special will be restored with effect from 25th August from Miraj & from Londa side from 26th August.

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