SWR to attach Vistadome Coach to 3 trains

Augmentation of Vistadome Coach: South Western Railways (SWR) has decided to augment 2 Vistadome Coaches and de – augment one General Second Class compartment from the following Express Special Trains as detailed below.

Train No. 06211/06212 Yesvantpur – Karwar – Yesvantpur Express Special with effect from 07.07.2021 from Yesvantpur and 08.07.2021 from Mangaluru Jn.

Train No. 06575/06576 Yesvantpur – Mangaluru Jn – Yesvantpur Express Special with effect from 08.07.2021 from Yesvantpur and 09.07.2021 from Mangaluru Jn.

SWR to attach Vistadome Coach to 3 trains
Vistadome Coach on Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express Special train

Train No. 06539/06540 YesvantpurMangaluru Jn – Yesvantpur Express Special with effect from 10.07.2021 from Yesvantpur and 11.07.2021 from Mangaluru Jn.

What is a Vistadome Coach? Vistadome Coaches are characterized by Large Glass Windows, a Glass roof, an Observation lounge, Rotatable seats so that passengers can witness the breathtaking views along the journey.

SWR is likely to introduce Vistadome Coach to 4 trains in-between Hubballi to Goa route as well. The coaches will be attached/detached at Hubballi Junction. It enables the passengers to see breathtaking views of the Western Ghats including that of Doodhsagar Waterfalls.

Vistadome Coach Hubballi Hubli
Following trains are likely to be attached with Vistadome Coaches from Hubballi Jn (Hopefully soon!)

Recently. Indian Railways had augmented Vistadome Coach to Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express Special train. Sharing the video, Minister of Railways Piyush Goyal said that “Passengers can enjoy unhindered views of Rivers, Valley, Waterfalls while experiencing the scenic beauty of Western Ghats”.

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