SWR earns the Highest Passenger Revenue in May 2022

South Western Railway (SWR) has managed to earn an Originating Passenger Revenue of ₹ 217.47 Crores (the highest earnings ever) in the month of May 2022.

The performance of SWR in the new financial year has taken off with the best-ever monthly earnings in the passenger segment in May 2022. The previous best being 203.22 Crores in the month of March 2022.

The proactive approach in Planning for the season by operating special trains, and attaching extra coaches has yielded good results. 16 Exam/summer special trains were run in May 2022 by SWR with 205 trips by 74,522 passengers with earnings of Rs. 4.61 Crores.

In addition, SWR is continuously augmenting the trains with additional coaches wherever there is a requirement and demand, leading to an increase in the revenue generated.

250 Extra coaches have been attached in May 2022 to clear the extra rush of passengers (in the Summer season), with earnings of Rs.93 Lakhs carrying 15,409 Passengers.

All General Second-Class coaches in long-distance trains have been de-reserved with effect from 01.04.2022 o­nwards.

2 pair of trains i.e., Train No. 12608/12607 KSR Bengaluru – MGR Chennai Central – KSR Bengaluru Express & Train 12609/12610 Mysuru – MGR Chennai -Mysuru have been permanently augmented by each with 2 Chair Cars.

23 trains have been temporarily augmented with 24 coaches. Proposed 13 special trains for 177 trips to the various destination during Summer / Holidays / Festivals etc.

General Manager Shri Sanjeev Kishore stated that this was possible because of meticulous planning and exceptional synergy displayed by dedicated team members especially the Traffic, Operating branches of Head Quarters, and Bengaluru, Hubballi & Mysuru Divisions.

He informed that in the next few days, Additional coaches are going to be permanently attached to 48 trains and the same will further boost passenger traffic.

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