Aequs CEDG cluster at Itigatti is getting ready

Consumer Electronics and Durable Goods (CEDG) cluster by Aequs at Itigatti is showing constant progress. Aequs is about to complete the construction of 2 sheds at its Itigatti site.

Aequs had performed Bhoomi Pooja for its CEDG cluster in January 2022. The investment of ₹3,500 Crores is expected to generate around 20,000 jobs.

Aequs CEDG cluster at Itigatti is getting ready
Aequs CEDG cluster at Itigatti. Pic by: Vinayak Talwar

The CEDG cluster will consist of nearly 4.5 Million Sq.ft of Factory area and other facilities. The cluster will offer co-located capabilities and seamless access to manufacturing infrastructure.

Hubballi is endowed with many critical facilities that are vital for sustaining the global supply chain to function seamlessly. Hubballi Airport is equipped with a Cargo terminal to handle shipments easily.

The CEDG cluster is also well connected with many ports namely Mangalore, Goa, Karwar, and Mumbai situated within 6 to 8 driving hours from Hubballi Dharwad.

With a capacity to manufacture 1.5 Million+ Non-stick cookware every year, the vertically integrated facility spread across 1 Lakh Sq.ft will be ready soon.

The cluster is spread across 400 acres at Itigatti in between Hubballi Dharwad. The cluster will have an internationally competitive, fully integrated, and self-sustaining infrastructure for the Durable Goods industry.

The facilities at the cluster include Centres for Warehouse and Logistics, Skill development, Trade Zone, MSME & Vendor zone along with WTO, STP, Power, and Water distribution within the campus.

The facility will also include a Common Multi Amenity Center including Occupational Health Center, Creche, Canteen, Transport facility, and Dorms & Quarters for staff workers.

Strategically located between Bengaluru and Mumbai, Dharwad has been identified as an important node in the Bengaluru Mumbai Economic Corridor (BMEC).

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