SWR achieves the highest single-day scrap sale

South Western Railways (SWR) has achieved the Highest single-day scrap sale since its inception. SWR has managed to earn ₹6.68 crores in a single day through scrap sales.

It is a common practice in Railways to carry out Periodic assessments of Tools, Equipments, and Machinery.

The items beyond their life are condemned and disposed of, as per the procedure i.e. through Auction sales.

The process is carried out to ensure that the inventory carrying cost is kept low, and to enhance the efficiency of Inventory management. With today’s auction, SWR has earned ₹ 100 Crores through scrap sale in FY 2021-22.

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One thought on “SWR achieves the highest single-day scrap sale

  1. Ok congratulations
    And what about the missing trains information
    From Hyderabad to Kolhapur regular train
    Hubli to Tirupati passenger train has been beginning
    Vijayawada passenger train has been beginning
    Yashvantpura special train from Vijayapur
    Kalyan Karnataka train

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