RFP invited for Integrated re-development of Hubballi Railway Station

There is some good news for Rail travellers of Hubballi. Shri Siddharooda Swami (SSS) Hubballi Junction Railway Station will soon be redeveloped into a World-Class Passenger terminal.

South Western Railway (SWR) had invited RFP (Request for Proposal) for Providing architectural and technical consultancy to prepare DPR (Detailed Project Report) for the same.

The technical consultant will prepare a Master plan including Land use, Architecture, and Urban Design for the development of Hubballi Railway Station into a World-Class Passenger terminal.

3rd Entrance to SSS Hubballi Junction

The consultant will provide Architectural concept plans showing Roads, Parking space, Landscaping, Entry/Exits, etc surrounding the railway station in greater detail.

The selected consultant will also provide Typical elevation of proposed buildings showing all the features by including an isometric view of the buildings and surroundings.

They will also provide at least 3 conceptual alternatives that are equally complete, feasible yet significantly different to provide the Railway board a range of options to choose from.

The Master plan will also include Adequate public spaces such as Parks, Fountains and Green landscaping, Circulating areas, Rest areas, and Drinking water facilities.

The redevelopment will greatly improve the circulation network of Hubballi Railway Station by planning Pedestrian walkways, Subways, Traffic integration, and other facilities.

The Master plan will also include converting the available land into Transit-oriented mixed use (Retail and Commercial space) to increase the non-operational revenue potential.

Few important Railway Stations in Karnataka including Yeshwantpura, Bengaluru Cantonment, and Mysuru will undergo major re-development in the coming days.

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