Railway lines around Bangalore to get Automatic Signalling

Ministry of Railways and the Railway Board has approved the installation of Automatic Signalling of most of the Railway lines around Bangalore earlier today.

The ministry has approved Six projects, covering a distance of 639.05 kilometres, at a cost of ₹874.12 Crores. It is a welcome move in easing train operations around Bengaluru.

Automatic Signalling enables the seamless operation of additional trains at shorter Intervals, addressing the growing demands of commuter and freight traffic in the region.

Anticipating a manifold increase in both passenger and freight traffic, the Automatic Signalling project aims to boost line capacity significantly fostering the economic development of the region.

Bengaluru & Mysuru Divisions of South Western Railway (SWR) have been experiencing a continuous surge in demand for Increased commuter trains and goods trains.

South Western Railway has taken several measures to improve the signalling infrastructure. Among them, is the proposal of the Automatic Block Signalling system around the Bangalore area.

Bangalore, the bustling IT hub of India, has witnessed a remarkable transformation over the years. The Railway Board has sanctioned the Automatic Signalling in the following sections:

  • Bangalore city – Yeshvanthpur- Yelahanka 17.75Kms.
  • Yeshvanthpur-Arasikere section 160.65Kms.
  • Lottegollahalli- Hosur section 63.6Kms.
  • Whitefield Jolarpet section 119Kms.
  • Baiyyappanahalli Penukonda section via Channasandra 139.8Kms.
  • Bengaluru to Mysuru 138.25Kms.

Benefits of implementing Automatic Signalling: It allows for the optimum utilization of fixed assets such as platforms by ensuring the early clearance of coaching trains from stations.

Trains can depart promptly, reducing delays and improving overall efficiency. The average speed of trains can be enhanced as block sections are cleared faster, allowing for smoother and more efficient travel.

This would enhance considerable throughput and hence the number of trains to and fro from the Bengaluru area to all directions viz., towards Chennai, Mysuru, Hubballi, and Hyderabad.

Automatic Signalling is a pivotal step towards modernizing and optimizing rail infrastructure, ensuring a more efficient and robust transportation network.

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One thought on “Railway lines around Bangalore to get Automatic Signalling

  1. Need of the hour as most of the trains originating from Mysore never run on time inspite of Railways collecting duper fast charges from Mysore to Bangalore. Train 16232 Mysore Mayiladuthurai express runs regularly late as it’s held up at Kengeri for morethan 30 minutes daily, though the train schedule shows as On Time. Days, in the past, this train was late for morethan two hours. SWR train maintenance is the worst and should be made accountable for their lapses. BalanR

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