Nearly 90% of Railway line in Karnataka is now fully electrified

As of April 1st, 2024, nearly 90% of the Railway line in Karnataka (majority of it belonging to the South Western Railway, SWR) has been Fully electrified by the Indian Railways. Details are as follows.

But, among 32 states in India (excluding the Union territories), Karnataka stands at the lower bottom i.e. 24th position which is a matter to be worried about.

Karnataka has a total of 3,836 RKm of Broad gauge railway line in its jurisdiction. Among these 3,337 Rkm of railway line (around 86.99%) has been electrified as of March 1st, 2024.

Recently, South Western Railway inspected and commissioned the electrification of two sections in Karnataka i.e. Guledagudda Bagalkot Wandal and Holenarasipura Hassan section.

Guledagudda Bagalkot Wandal section has added 50.7 RKm and Holenarasipura Hassan section has added 32 RKm to the tally of electrification in Karnataka.

Electrification of these two lines has added 82.7 Rkm of lines to the total electrified section in Karnataka. The total adds up to 3420 Rkm which is 89.15% (nearly equal to 90%).

As many as 14 states in India have been fully electrified (100% electrified). The fully electrified states and the corresponding length in RKm are as follows.

Uttar Pradesh (8516 RKm), Madhya Pradesh (4911 RKm), Odissa (2866 RKm), Jharkhand (2558 RKm), Chandigarh (16 RKm), Chhattisgarh (1213 RKm), Delhi (183 RKm).

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Haryana (1813 RKm), Himachal Pradesh (67 RKm), Jammu and Kashmir (350 RKm), Meghalaya (9 RKm), Puducherry (21 RKm), Telangana (1923 RKm) and Uttarakhand (347 RKm).

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