Navalur to get its own BRTS stop soon

Hubballi Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (HDBRTS) is constructing a new BRTS stop at Navalur, much to the rejoice of the people of the surrounding areas.

Construction of a BRTS stop at Navalur in between Hubballi and Dharwad is in full swing and works are expected to be completed soon.

A unique characteristic of the stop is that it is coming up on the BRTS flyover, making it the first BRTS stop on a flyover in between Hubballi and Dharwad.

As of now, road works leading to the stop have been completed. A pedestrian walkway will help people to exit the flyover safely towards Navalur village.

The BRTS stop will have all the amenities including Off-board ticketing through Smart Card or Bar-Coded paper tickets, Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) display that shows the exact schedule of Arrival and Departure of BRT buses.

Glimpse of the Navalur BRTS Stop

As there is no HDBRTS bus stop close to Navalur, the locals have to use either NWKRTC or Bendre buses. Citizens were compelled to go to SDM or KMF BRTS stations to board BRTS buses.

One of the most delayed projects of Hubballi Dharwad, the Construction of Navalur Flyover is almost complete and will be thrown open to the use of the public soon.

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Hubballi-Dharwad Bus Rapid Transport System (also known as HDBRTS and Chigari) is a bus rapid transit system built to serve the twin cities of Hubballi and Dharwad.

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