HDBRTS corridor being widened near Bairidervarakoppa

Hubballi Dharwad BRTS Company Limited (HDBRTS) is widening the BRTS corridor at Bairidevarakoppa in Hubballi. The unorganised traffic flow near the place willl soon be streamlined.

As of now, Mud filling, Levelling of land and subbase layer of gravel have been laid. It will be asphalted soon and other amenities will be added as per HDBRTS standards.

Widening of the road also includes the Construction of the Central median, BRT, and Mixed lane traffic separator by fixing Kerb, and MS railings like in other parts of the corridor.

The HDBRTS buses exit the dedicated corridor near Hubballi Residency hotel and move together with mixed traffic before entering the dedicated corridor back near Sana College.

The 8-lane BRTS corridor starts around Unkal in Hubballi. However, around 250m of the section near Bairidevarakoppa Durgah wasn’t widened due to delays in Land acquisition.

Glimpse of the widening

Recently, the High Court had ordered shifting the religious structure to widen the BRTS corridor from 36-meter wide at present to 44 meters (8 laned road).

Following the High Court orders, the district administration had recently shifted the durgah allowing HDBRTS to widen the road.

BRTS corridor is 35m wide in city limits (6 lanes) and 44m wide in outside city limits (Total: 8 lanes, 4 lanes for Mixed traffic, and 4 more lanes for HDBRTS.

Hubballi Dharwad Bus Rapid Transit System (HDBRTS) is a rapid transport system built to serve the twin cities of Hubballi Dharwad.

The trial run of HDBRTS was started on 2nd October 2018 and it was officially inaugurated by honorable Vice President of India Shri M.Venkaiah Naidu on 2nd February 2020.

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