Mysuru Belagavi train via Hubballi Dharwad speeded up

South Western Railway (SWR) has decided to speed up Train number 17301 Mysuru Belagavi Express train via Hubballi Dharwad. Details are as follows.

The train has been speeded up by 45 minutes from Mysuru side. As of now, the journey from Mysuru to Belagavi takes 12 hours. After speedup the journey will take 11 hours and 15 minutes.

The changes will be effective from January 1st 2024. There is no significant changes in the arrival/departure of the train at both Hubballi and Dharwad railway station.

From January 1st 2024, Train number 17301 Mysuru Belagavi Express leaves Mysuru Railway Station at 9:30 PM and reaches Belagavi Railway Station at 8:45 AM on the next day.

The train arrives at SSS Hubballi Railway Station at 5:10 AM and departs towards Dharwad at 5:20 AM. The train reaches Dharwad at 5:48 AM and departs towards Belagavi at 5:53 AM.

En route the train stops at Krishnarajanagar, Holenarasipur, Hassan, Arsikere, Kadur, Birur, Chikkajajur, Davanagere, Harihar, Ranebennur, Byadgi, Haveri, Yalvigi, Hubballi, Dharwad, Alnavar, Londa, and Khanapur.

There are no changes in the return journey from Belagavi to Mysuru (Train 17302). The train departs Belagavi at 6:00 PM and reaches Mysuru at 5:55 AM on the next day.

The train arrives at Dharwad at 8:23 PM and departs at 8:28 PM. The train reaches SSS Hubballi Railway Station at 9:10 PM and departs towards Mysuru at 9:20 PM.

The train has a composition of 22 coaches including 5 General coaches, 2 SLR coaches, 11 Sleeper coaches, 2 AC 3-tier coaches, 1 AC 2-tier coach and 1 AC First class coach.

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9 thoughts on “Mysuru Belagavi train via Hubballi Dharwad speeded up

  1. What’s the use of conversation to double line with electrification? It’s take 12 hours to run 600.please go through other railways running which runs 100km/h.
    I seen 40 years back, pachim express covers 400km in 4 hours. Leaves Mumbay central 11.30 am and reach vadodara 3.30pm. Atleast nearer to this speed should reach. I think for this reason only karnataka’s main trains like Rajdhani Express, Karnataka Express, Udyan Express, these all trains only in the name “Karnataka” Trains, but not running in Karnataka.

      1. Yes you are right.Once they lay direct track from Hubballi to Belagavi,things are going to improve

  2. For cover 600 km to take 12 hour’s it’s no use atleast make reach early to day’s trains running speed is High. if it’s reached within 9 to 10 hour’s useful for publics.

  3. Why the arrival time for belgavi is 8.45 am.They could have cut this 45 minutes and made arrival at 8.00 am . The return train reaches Mysuru at 5.55 am ,so early…Then y reach belgavi at 8.45 am…atleast it shld be made 8.00 am

  4. I am a regular traveller between mysore to belgaum. This train takes more time and it is stopped at night 30 minutes in many station for no reason. This train must start mysore at mysore at 8.00PM and reach Belgaum at 5.00AM.

    Railway. Must introduced one Vande bharat train from Belgaum to mysore via hubli and hassan and take only 7 hours

  5. अगर बेलगांव से 6.00pm से 7.00pm करेंगे तो बहुत अच्छा होता

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