Leopard spotted around Mansur & Karnataka University Dharwad

A Leopard was allegedly spotted around Karnataka University, Dharwad and the Mansur village on the outskirts of Dharwad city in the last 3-4 days.

Unfortunately, the Leopard managed to kill the calf belonging to the Kuberappa Madivalappa Agasara of Mansur village. The search operations are on to catch the big cat.

The District Collector spoke to the villagers and told them that the “Forest department officials are constantly involved in the search operation of the Leopard and the villagers need not worry”.

The forest officials said, “Due to the drought this year, the lakes and ponds in the forest area have dried up. Animals are coming to the villages as there is a shortage of drinking water”.

Dharwad DC Divya Prabhu inspected the Bone arrangement to catch the Leopard. She asked villagers not to head out during the evening and nighttime for their own safety.

She advised farmers to keep their cattle close to home. Currently, electricity is being provided for the Irrigation pump set during morning hours to facilitate agricultural activities.

She also directed the forest officials to pay more attention to the villages near the forest area. And, instructed Forest Department officials to construct a large number of water tanks for wild animals.

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Forest Department officer Pradeep Pawar said “Action is being taken to deploy another lightweight bone to catch the leopard. Forest department officials and villagers were present.

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