KIMS Hubballi completes 100+ Black Fungus operations

Doctors of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hubballi have operated 100+ patients infected with Mucormycosis (Black Fungus). Despite the lack of Medication and Equipment, the ENT surgeons of the hospital have achieved the feat of the highest number of operations in entire Karnataka.

“The number of Mucormycosis (Black Fungus) infections considerably increased in the second wave. At the same time, the demand for Amphotericin-B injection also increased substantially. Doctors at KIMS decided to start ‘Operation Fungus’ aimed at saving around 70-80% of lives” said KIMS director Dr. Ramalingappa Antaratani.

The doctors used their own Microdebrider equipment to opearte 5 to 6 patients per day. As of Sunday (13th June), 97 operations have been succesfully conducted and on Monday around 4 to 5 operations have been planned. That makes the KIMS the first hospital in Karnataka to operate 100+ patients infected with Mucormycosis (Black Fungus infection).

As the cases of Black Fungus infections increased, the Karnataka Government appointed Six regional centers to treat the infections. KIMS, Hubballi succesfully treated patients from neighbouring 12 districts and few from outside Karnataka as well.

Dr. Ravindra Garag, head of ENT deaptment at KIMS said that “Most of the patients require surgery. In Endoscopic surgery, we remove the damaged tissue and treat the patients. Apart from the regular medicines, Surgery will help patients to recover fast”.

“Teams headed by Dr. Somnath, Dr. Vikrama Bhatt, Dr. Manjunatha and others carried out operations on the infected patients. Timely surgery of infected patients helped them to reduce the death rate” he added.

KIMS Hubballi
Campus of Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hubballi

‘Patients from Dharwad, Gadag, Koppal, Haveri, Bagalkot, and Belagavi districts are getting admitted to KIMS Hubballi for the treatment. We are expecting to receive the new equipments soon that can be used to treat the patients more efficiently’ Dr. Ravindra Garag added.

Source: Vijaya Karnataka

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