Kimberly Clark, Plastic for Change to construct sustainable houses

Kimberly-Clark India has partnered with the Plastics for Change India Foundation to launch ‘Project Ghar‘ that aims to deliver Sustainable Housing facilities to On-ground Waste collectors in India.

Over a period of six months, a total of 30 Metric tons of Single-use and Multi-layered Plastic will be Recycled to Construct 15 houses in the Hubballi Dharwad region. Once the project is completed, it will be extended to other parts of India.

Mainak Dhar, MD, Kimberly-Clark India said that “In today’s rapidly evolving economy, it is critical to implement Innovative Solutions to improve our Collective Environment Footprint. Our partnership with Plastics for Change India Foundation for Project Ghar is one such initiative.”

In the partnership with Plastics for Change India Foundation where channel partners like Ricron Panels will collect and convert the Non-Recyclable Plastic Waste into Sheets that can be used as the Building material for these houses.

The houses will be lighter and more durable than Cement sheets or Plywood. The houses can resist wind speeds of up to 120 km/h. They will have no heating issues and will provide durability for close to 30 years. Along with improved Sanitization and Safe living conditions, Each house will also generate Livelihood opportunities for 30 Waste Pickers each day.

Andrew Almack, CEO and Founder of Plastics for Change India Foundation said that “Project Ghar is a disruptive solution that tackles two critical and connected issues of our time: The need for Recycling Plastic and Homelessness in the informal waste collector communities, who play the most critical role in Waste Management.

“We are so proud to be working with a company like Kimberly-Clark that has sustainability at the centre of all it does, and we are confident that this initiative will have a positive impact on the Environment as well as People’s lives.” he added.

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