Adopt animals through an app across 9 Zoos of Karnataka

Karnataka Forest Department has come up with an app ‘Zoos of Karnataka’, to help Animal lovers to show their care for Wild animals by adopting them. The app also enables them to contribute towards the Maintenance of the Zoo, and lessen the burdens on the Zoo management.

Sandalwood actor Darshan Thoogudeepa, the Brand Ambassador of Karnataka Forest department had come out with a special message on June 5th wherein he had requested people to adopt Animals across Nine zoos.

In the video posted by Zoos of Karnataka Twitter handle Darshan Thoogudeepa said that ‘There are Nine Zoos across Karnataka, with over 5000 animals sheltered in them. Because of the pandemic, the influx of people has decreased substantially’.

‘This has resulted in a lack of funds to feed animals or provide salaries to caretakers that work in the Zoos across Karnataka.’ said Darshan Thoogudeepa requested people to adopt Animals by funding a fixed amount per year.

The video shared on June 5, went viral and donations started pouring in that amazed the Zoo management. In just two days, around 40 Lakhs of donations were received and around 35,000+ app downloads.

Request by Sandalwood Actor Darshan
Donations received by the Forest Department

The Covid-19 pandemic had a ghastly impact on human life and it has continued to do so. The same had a substantial effect on Animals too as many Wildlife sanctuaries and Zoos have been running empty for over a year.

Forest Minister Arvind Limbavali has thanked Darshan and the people who adopted the Animals during the tough times. Click the link to download the app –> Android & iOS.

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