Karnataka Tourism plans Ropeway at Nrupatunga Betta Hubli

Karnataka Tourism Infrastructure Limited (KTIL) has planned to develop at Ropeway at Nrupatunga Betta, Hubballi and 5 other places in Karnataka. Details are as follows.

KTIL intends to appoint a well-established professional Consultant to provide transaction advisory services (TAS) for the development of Ropeway in 6 sites.

In package 1, Ropeway will be developed in Madhugiri Fort Tumkur district and Mallalli Falls in Kodagu. The sites selected in Package 2 are as follows.

Apart from Nrupatunga Betta Hubli, Ropeway will also be developed in Savadatti Yellamma temple, Belagavi district; Shri Hollamma temple, Gadag and Kalakaleshwara temple, Gajendragada.

Nrupatunga Betta is a small hillock that offers spectacular aerial views of Hubballi City. The Ropeway is expected to be operated from Nrupatunga Betta to Unkal Lake.

Sprawling across 77 acres, The hillock is an ideal spot for Morning and Evening walkers and a perfect place to catch a glimpse of the Sunrise and Sunset.

The selected consultant will provide the following services: Preparation of Pre-feasibility report, Heritage Impact Assessment, Traffic and Demand Assessment Report.

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Draft Technical Viability Report, Draft Project Feasibility Report and Final Project Feasibility Report. The method of selection is Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS).

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