Karnataka makes Masks mandatory for New year celebrations

Karnataka government has released revised Covid-19 guidelines for New year celebrations and other events considering the current scenario of Covid-19 in the state.

Karnataka government has made Wearing masks compulsory at all New year celebration events. The detailed guidelines for the celebration of New year are as follows.

All celebrations should be completed by 1 AM. All large assemblies should be strictly outdoors as far as possible avoiding chills of the night and early morning.

The prescribed capacity of the event should not be exceeded, particularly in the indoor areas (seating) like Hotels, Pubs, Restaurants, Clubs, Resorts, etc.

Elderly (over 60 years of age) and those with co-morbidities, Pregnant and Lactating women are advised to avoid such events. The organizers should preferably receive Booster doses.

Karnataka makes Masks mandatory for New year celebrations
New year decorations at Brigade Road, Pic by: Nitin Vyas/Flickr

The following precautions need to be taken while organizing the events. Multiple entries should be created at the venue so that crowding can be avoided to the maximum extent.

Social distancing and Wearing masks have been made compulsory throughout the event in the indoor areas. The organizers have to display ‘No mask No entry‘ prominently.

There should be thermal screening for all the attendees. Those with fever and/or respiratory symptoms like Cough, Cold, and Running nose should be referred to seek medical attention.

Usage of Hand sanitizer should be made compulsory at the event. In case of large-scale events, the organizers must ensure arrangements with nearby hospitals for arranging an ambulance to quickly shift the patient.

Karnataka government has also made Wearing N-95 masks compulsory at Movie theatres. The entry staff of the Cinema Hall or Multiplex should ensure the strict implementation of it.

The government has also advised accelerating Booster dose vaccination, so as to improve the coverage from the existing 21% to 50% by the end of January 2023.

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