IndiGo to start daily flights from Hubballi Airport wef Aug 1

India’s largest airline IndiGo will increase the frequency of few flights to daily with effect from tomorrow. IndiGo connects Hubballi Airport with 6 destinations i.e Bengaluru, Chennai, Goa, Kannur, Kochi, and Mumbai.

Apart from IndiGo, Star Air connects Hubballi Airport with Bengaluru, Hindon (Delhi), and Tirupati 4 days a week i.e Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Alliance Air, the subsidiary of Air India connects Hubballi Airport with Hyderabad twice per week i.e on Monday and Friday. The full schedule of flights is as follows:

6E-7227 departs Bengaluru Airport at 7:15 AM and reaches Hubballi at 8:40 AM. 6E-7233 departs Hubballi Airport at 11:40 AM and reaches Bengaluru at 1:00 PM.

6E-7986 departs Chennai Airport at 6:05 AM and reaches Hubballi at 8:10 AM. 6E-7987 departs Hubballi Airport at 5:20 PM and reaches Chennai at 7:10 PM.

6E-7995 departs Hubballi Airport at 9:00 AM and reaches Goa at 9:50 AM. 6E-7996 departs Goa at 10:20 AM and reaches Hubballi Airport at 11:10 AM.

6E-7291 departs Hubballi Airport at 1:00 PM and reaches Mumbai at 2:45 PM. 6E-7292 departs Mumbai at 3:15 PM and reaches Hubballi Airport at 4:40 PM.

6E-7162 departs Bengaluru Airport at 3:30 PM and reaches Hubballi at 4:50 PM. 6E-7161 departs Hubballi Airport at 8:30 PM and reaches Bengaluru at 9:55 PM.

6E-7964 departs Hubballi Airport at 8:35 AM and reaches Kochi at 10:20 AM. 6E-7965 departs Kochi at 10:50 AM and reaches Hubballi Airport at 12:40 PM.

6E-7981 departs Hubballi Airport at 5:10 PM and reaches Kannur at 6:40 PM. 6E-7979 departs Kannur at 7:00 PM and reaches Hubballi Airport at 8:10 PM.

IndiGo will start the Hubballi Ahmedabad flight from September 2nd. The frequency will be 6 days a week (except Sunday).

Air India will connect Hubballi Airport with Mumbai from September 2nd (3 days/week on Monday, Thursday, and Friday). Bookings for both flights are open on respective websites.

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