IISc proposes High Speed Rail from Bengaluru to Hubballi

Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru has proposed a High Speed Rail (HSR) corridor from Yeshwantpura in Bengaluru to the Commercial Centre of North Karnataka, Hubballi.

According to a report published in Times of India, the High speed rail corridor will have a route length of 400km, and it can be taken up along the current railway network.

IISc has proposed 5 stations along the corridor at Yeshwantpura (near IISc campus), Tumakuru, Chitradurga (near IISc new campus at Challakere), Davanagere and Hubballi.

As of now, India does not have any High Speed Rail corridors, or lines operating at 200 km/h or above. But the country have proposed many HSRs. The details are as follows.

The first High Speed Rail corridor of length 508km is already under construction between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. The HSR will have a top operational speed of 320km/h.

IISc proposes High Speed Rail corridor from Bengaluru to Hubballi
Shinkanset set, to be used by Mumbai Ahmedabad HSR

The corridor will use Standard Gauge and will be built with Shikansen technology of Japan. It is expected to carry passengers within three hours and the fare expected to be less than flight fares.

Few other High Speed Rail Corridors proposed in India and expected completion of construction is as follows:

  • Mumbai Ahmedabad HSR (2028)
  • Ahmedabad Delhi HSR (2031)
  • Delhi Patna HSR via Varanasi (2031)
  • Patna Howrah HSR (2031)
  • Varanasi Nagpur HSR (2041)
  • Hyderabad Bengaluru HSR (2041)
  • Mumbai Hyderabad HSR (2051)
  • Mumbai Nagpur HSR (2051)
  • Delhi Jammu HSR (2051)
  • Patna Guwahati HSR (2051)
  • Chennai Mysuru HSR via Bengaluru (2051)

Saransh Sahu, a former M.tech student at IISc and Ashish Verma has presenting a research paper titled ‘Quantifying wider economic impacts of HSR connectivity in Karnataka’.

According to them, Inter-regional high-speed connectivity and accessibility through public transportation modes such as High Speed Rail is crucial for sustainable and uniform development.

However, it can be a costly affair considering the enormous capital it requires against direct user benefits.

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8 thoughts on “IISc proposes High Speed Rail from Bengaluru to Hubballi

    1. You are absolutely right.They only see ahmedabad and varanasi. They dont see anything else. EVEN THE bulet was initially been proposed for bangalore and bombay and that was ruthlessly taken away for theirselfish dreams

      1. Mumbai-Ahmedabad is the busiest route for commercial transport. Since this is the first bullet train in the country it is better to test it on a busy route for proper study on improvements and gain better finance.

  1. NO need of any High speed rail line in between UBL and SBC as double electric line enough for speed of railways. just upgrade all ICF rakes to LHB rakes.

    1. No, no no…..it takes about 9 hours….sometimes 10 hours…..which is snails pace. for 400+ kilometers….We need this high speed train as it touches important towns across the state…..

  2. It will be very useful if this plan is implemented as soon as possible.
    Such projects bring laurels not only to our state but also to the entire country.

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