Hubballi division records excellent performance in Freight Loading

Hubballi Division of South Western Railway has recorded an excellent performance in freight revenue despite the COVID-19 pandemic. The Freight Revenue during April 2021 is 244.66 Cr compared to 140.86 Cr during last year, a jump of 73.69 % is observed.

Despite the increasing Covid cases in Ballari district and Goa which are the major loading areas of the Hubballi division, SWR has managed to perform exceedingly well as far as Freight Loading is concerned.

Growth in Freight Revenue has been recorded from all the major commodities of the Hubballi division i.e. Iron Ore, Sugar, Cement, Fertilizers, Steel, and G slag. Bauxite is new to the Commodity Basket of the division.

Highlights of Hubballi Division in Freight loading for April – 2021

  • Hubballi Division has achieved an Originating Loading of 2.796 MT (1392 Wagons per Day) in April – 2021 as against 1.655 MT (825 Wagons per Day), registering a growth of 68.9%.
  • Loading of Iron ore registered a growth of 192% over April – 2020, Loading of 0.854 MT in April – 2021 as against 0.292 MT in April – 2020.
  • Loading of HRC registered a growth of 94.7% over Feb-2020. Loading of 0.668 MT (in April-2021) as against 0.343 MT in April – 2020.
  • Loading of Sugar registered a growth of 556% over April-2020. Loading of 0.105 MT in April – 2021 as against 0.016 MT in April – 2020.
  • Loading of Fertilizers registered a growth of 70.4% over April – 2020. Loading of 0.075 MT in April – 2021 as against 0.044 MT in April – 2020.

SWR DRM, Shri Arvind Malkhede said the special efforts of the Officers and Staff, despite the Pandemic in keeping the wheels of transport moving, have produced this result. He has congratulated the Business Development Unit and the staff involved in the Maintenance of Rail Assets in achieving the feat.

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