Hubballi Airport regains 3rd place in Karnataka

As per the Airport Authority of India (AAI) report, Hubballi Airport has managed to regain 3rd place as far as Number of passengers is concerned (in August-2022).

Hubballi Airport was the 3rd busiest Airport in Karnataka during pre-covid times. However, Belagavi Airport overtook HBX due to Udan-3 benefits.

Video: President’s Boeing 737 landing at Hubballi Airport

It is worth mentioning that with only 74 seater ATR’s and 50 seater Embraer E145’s in operation, Hubballi has managed to regain 3rd place in Karnataka. Also, the Number of flight movements in Hubballi (443) is lesser than the flight movements of Belagavi (485).

Average passenger per aircraft in Hubballi comes out to be 53, whereas for Belagavi it is 48. It should have been a lot higher for Belagavi as it gets the service of 149/189 seater Boeing 737.

Airport Authority of India has released Air traffic statistics for the month of August-2022. As per the reports; 23,670 passengers traveled through Hubballi Airport during the month of August-2022.

The airport registered 443 flight movements in the month of August-2022. Hubli had handled 436 flights during July-2022. An increase of 1.60% in flight movements is observed.

The airport handled 4MT of Cargo in the month of August-2022. Hubli had handled 5MT of Cargo during July-2022. A decrease of 20% has been observed as far as Cargo is concerned.

During the same month last year (August-2021), Hubli Airport had handled 536 flight movements and 17,275 passengers. The airport had handled 1 MT of Cargo during the same month.

Passengers from Hubballi are requesting resumption of Ahmedabad, Kochi, and Goa sectors and adding a few other potential routes like Delhi, Pune, Jaipur, and Jodhpur.

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8 thoughts on “Hubballi Airport regains 3rd place in Karnataka

  1. Cal mujhe Ahmedabad Jana to Hubli se Bengaluru jaunga Bengaluru se Ahmedabad sar please request hai Indigo flight ko Hubli se direct chalu karne ka anurodh kar raha hun jaldi se jaldi chalu karvayen hamare Ko aane jaane mein thoda safalta milati chale

  2. 3rd class city with no roads, what to do with airport? Worst MP Mr. Joshi has already ruined Hubli-Dharwad with BRTS and is doing further damage with his schemes. God save the city from him.

  3. Funny, ridiculous, meaningless.
    Hubballi competing with Belagavi and Belagavi competing with Hubballi. Wake up. We have larger interests to achieve..water environment health ease of life good education ….. Each city has a unique position to serve larger interest of the state and country and the world. How long are we going to keep competing with each other? Is there no end to it. Is this how we are going to make this earth a better place? If competition is going to foster better facilities than compete with bigger TIER 2 and 3 cities in the country. Hubballi Belagavi should become unique cities…smart clean meaningfull.

    1. A healthy competition is good for all competitors. Wish whole of north Karnataka grow along with Mangalore and Bangalore.
      We may suggest as many ways to boost the Hubli air port.
      Mainly places of connectivity time schedules to be displayed at Hotels and all prominent places.
      People are aspirant and economically in a position to travel also have emergencies and necessities but lack of publicity and easy accessibility forced to go for other modes.
      Authorities has to plan for this.

  4. Kindly request official to start Ahemabad . Delhi. Jaipur flight because there are lot of North Indian in hubli and traveling buy train will take around two days

  5. Fake news and pampering news,
    Rather than compete with belgavi, better compet with bellary, bijapur, koppal n feel proud that showpiece airport hubballi is super rise passenegr and flight movements.
    All show off people at airport with no real work and that’s why government selling it to private and shunting out aai people

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