Hubballi Airport ranked 15th in the Customer Satisfaction Survey

Airport Authority of India (AAI) has released the results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) conducted among 56 midsized airports in India in between July to December 2022.

Hubballi Airport has bagged 15th place among 56 Airports. Hubballi Airport has secured a Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) of 4.79 making it the best airport in Karnataka.

Hubballi Airport had secured 30th rank in the second half of 2021 (July to December 2021). And it improved the ranking to 19th position in the first half of 2022 (Among 64 Airports).

Among others, Belagavi Airport secured 16th rank with a Customer Satisfaction Index of 4.78. Mysuru Airport secured 22nd rank with a Customer Satisfaction Index of 4.67.

The survey included a total of 33 parameters and 5 other parameters related to Hygiene. Based on all the parameters CSI is given on a scale of 0 to 5 (5 being the best).

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Some of the parameters included while determining the Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) are as follows. Ground Transportation to/from the Airport, Parking facilities, and Availability of Trolleys.

Efficiency of Check-in Staff, Waiting time at Security inspection, Feeling of being Safe and Secure, Flight Information Screens, and Restaurant/Eating facilities.

Walking distance inside the terminal, Availability of Bank/ATM facilities, Shopping facilities, Internet access including Wi-fi, Availability of Washrooms and Toilets, etc.

Apart from it, 5 other parameters were also considered as far as Hygiene is concerned. The 5 parameters are as follows.

Effectiveness of Safety and Hygiene in the Airport, Clarity of Signage about Safety and Hygiene, Ability of Staff to apply Safety and Hygiene, Level of Confidence in Safety and Hygiene, and the Level of Stress experienced.

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