HDBRTS Terminal & Flyovers to be beautified soon

Soon, HDBRTS terminals and Flyovers along Hubballi Dharwad BRTS Corridor will be spruced up with Artworks and Sculptures to give a pleasant experience to the citizens.

Directorate of the Urban Land Transport (DULT) in association with HDBRTS, has come up with a unique Public Art Initiative called ‘Bannada Chigari’ to beautify public spaces across the BRTS corridor.

‘Bannada Chigari’ aims to enliven the spaces in and around the existing transit infrastructure of the HDBRTS. Transit stations have the potential to be converted into vibrant public places.

DULT intends to provide a platform for talented artists to showcase their artistic skills and create artworks that connect people with Local History, Geographics, and Communities.

In the first phase of the ‘Bannada Chigari’ initiative, 5 sites have been identified. They are Mitra Samaj Terminal Dharwad, Hosur BRTS Interchange Hubballi, and 3 BRTS-only Flyovers in Hubballi.

Theme of the Artworks:

  • Something LOCAL that connects People to Local History, Geography, and Community.
  • Something UTOPIAN, maybe Poetic or Inspiring.
  • Something THOUGHT-PROVOKING, that leaves you reflecting.
  • Something PLAYFUL, that catches you by surprise!

DULT and HDBRTS have identified the potential spaces where the artworks can be displayed or drawn. All the details in the same can be obtained from the document here.

The DULT has proposed the installation of sculptures on the piers of the flyovers and identified pockets of space below it to add a touch of vibrancy.

There are 2 main categories of submission i.e Artworks and Sculptures. Artworks can be drawn on the Terminals as well as Piers of the Flyovers at Navanagar, Unkal Cross, and Unkal.

The 3-dimensional structures in the form of Carving, Modelling, Welding or Abstract works can be installed in Hosur Bus Terminal and Spaces identified below the Flyovers.

Key goals of the ‘Bannada Chigari’ Campaign:

  • Strengthening People’s sense of identity in the Transit BRTS station.
  • Enliven the Transitory spaces to create a pleasant experience.
  • Relive the unused spaces under the Flyovers along the BRTS corridor into Activity pockets.

The artists who hold a Bachelor’s degree or Diploma in Visual/Fine arts & The artists who have executed similar projects in the past can apply for the same.

The registration for the same closes on 21st August 2022. Artists can download the detailed document from here and apply it if they executed similar projects in the past.

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