GM SWR inspects Headquarters and Hubballi Division

Shri Gajanan Mallya, GM SCR, with additional charge as GM SWR o­n his maiden visit to SWR today, held a review meeting with senior officers of the Headquarters and Hubballi Division. He reviewed the operational aspects of the Hubballi Yard which has been remodeled recently.

GM SWR Hubballi Yard Inspection Gajanan Mallya
Shri Gajanan Mallya’s maiden visit to Hubballi Yard

The yard is now equipped with double lines o­n all 3 sides i.e. towards Gadag (towards Vijayapura), Dharwad (towards Goa), and Bengaluru side. The yard is equipped with state-of-the-art Electronic Interlocking with 502 routes. Shri Mallya inspected the Station Master’s Panel Room, Signal Cabins, and the Yard.

Shri Gajanan Mallya GM SWR inspected remodeled Hubballi Yard and reviewed the progress of the Third entry to the Hubballi Railway Station. The project is executed at an approximate cost of Rs. 115 crores under the Chief Engineer Shri Prem Narayan of the Railways Construction Department.

SALIENT FEATURE OF HUBBALLI YARD (Commissioned o­n 24.02.2021)

  • Existing Platform No. 1 has been extended linearly to create Platform No. 8 thus creating the longest platform length of 1505 m.
  • The number of Platforms has been increased from Five to Eight.
  • Doubling has been completed in all three directions i.e., towards Dharwad end, Bengaluru end & Gadag end.
  • Yard remodeling involved dismantling of 47 numbers of Points & Crossings and Laying of 62 numbers of new Points & Crossings.
  • The number of Mainlines has been increased from Two to Four.
  • An additional 7.8 km of track has been added to the yard including two new Stabling Lines facilitating various movements.
  • Additional Platform Shelter of 2888 sqm o­n Platform No. 6 and 5888 sqm o­n PF No. 7 & 8 has been provided.
  • One limited height Subway has been provided to eliminate Level Crossings. New Pedestrian Subway has also been provided.
  • The number of Routes in the existing yard has been increased from 350 to 502.
  • Three new cabin buildings have been provided for Electronic Interlocking.

Divisional Railway Manager(DRM) Hubballi Shri Aravind Malkhede, and officers from the Operating, Commercial, Signal & Telecom, Engineering departments and others were present.

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2 thoughts on “GM SWR inspects Headquarters and Hubballi Division

  1. 1) In Sec UBL to BJP no reserve compartments leads inconvenience in travel
    2) At Indi Road no Upper class & SL waiting rooms during midnight hours as both directions train arrives & Departs in mid night, no transportation available till morning. One has to wait on station till morning to go in village Indi.
    3) UBL to BJP Intercity suddenly suspended.
    4) New High speed train from Dharwad to Bengaluru.
    5) AC chair car facility for proposed UBL to RU- UBL fast passenger.
    6) AC reserve coach for UBL- BZA-UBL -UBL passenger by converting in to Express
    7) KOP- TPTY- KOP Express with superfast Exp with LHB coaches.
    8) DEMU service for UBL to DWR to UBL.
    9) Direct train facilities from UBL to RMM & Haridwar.
    10) BGM to CCH to BGM intercity as no platform available in Pune station can get extended upto Chinchwad 4 PF availability
    11) BGM-AY-BGM new train.
    12) VSG- PNBE- VSG from Express to Super Fast with LHB coach.
    13) present BGK-MYS- BGK to run via GDG, BY instead via SUR.
    14) SBC- NDLS SBC Rajdhani to touch Wadi jn than passing cord line via Chittapur by removing SEM commercial stop.
    15) SC-UBL-SC with superfast & LHB Coaches.

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