Cloverleaf Interchange shaping up well at Gabbur, Hubballi

A Cloverleaf Interchange, part of the Hubballi Semi Ring Road project by National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) is shaping up well at Gabbur outside Hubballi city limits.

In the recent Satellite images released by Google, one can easily spot the exit and entry ramps of the Cloverleaf Interchange. The interchange is coming up at the intersection of Hubballi Semi Ring Road and NH-48 (erstwhile NH-4).

Cloverleaf Interchange shaping up well at Gabbur, Hubballi
Traffic movements at the Intersection

A Cloverleaf Interchange is typically built where two major highways intersect each other. The objective of the interchange is to allow two highways to criss-cross without stopping any traffic.

With the Cloverleaf, vehicles transition Left by turning Right on the circular loop under an overpass and vice versa. The traffic moving straight will proceed either under or over the bridge.

The relative cost of the project is less as it involves the construction of only one bridge. To ease the traffic congestion, the Interchange has been planned.

Union minister Nitin Gadkari has already inaugurated a section of Hubballi Semi Ring Road while laying the foundation stone of the Hubballi Dharwad Bypass widening project.

Short video of Hubballi Dharwad Bypass Widening Project

Hubballi Semi Ring Road (or Half Ring Road) connects three highways viz NH-218(Vijayapura Road), NH-63 (Hospet Ankola Road), and NH-48 (Pune Bengaluru Road) outside city limits.

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