Complete details of Hubballi Dharwad bypass widening

The National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) has called the Tenders for the construction of 6 lane Road including 4 lane Service Road from Gabbur in Hubballi till Narendra Cross at Dharwad.

The 31.6km stretch of Hubballi Dharwad bypass (at present it is just 2 lanes!) will be widened into 6-lane Expressway under EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) mode.

The typical Cross-section of the 6 lane Expressway including Service lanes is as shown below:

Complete details of Hubballi Dharwad bypass widening
Typical cross-section of the 6 lane Expressway

As per the Tender, the project will be completed within 2.5 years and the contractor will maintain the road for the next 5 years.

All toll-plazas across the existing 2-lane HD bypass will be removed, and only one Toll plaza will be constructed. And another thing to note is that travelers in between Hubballi and Dharwad will be exempted from paying the toll.

Let us have a look at important components of the Expressway including Flyovers, Vehicular and Cattle Underpasses, and the Construction sequence.

Flyover at Gabbur Junction

A 680m flyover has been planned at the Gabbur junction (from 402.41km to 403.09km). The flyover will have a height of 6.5m and RCC Abutment and Pier mode of construction will be used.

Vehicular Underpasses at Major and Minor junctions

Vehicular Underpasses at Major junctions: Karwar Road Interchange, Tarihal Underpass, Yarikoppa Underpass, and Goa Underpass/Interchange.

Vehicular Underpasses at Minor junctions: Nekar Nagar, Ayodhya Nagar, Gokul Underpass, Tarihal industrial area, Itigatti road, Haliyal underpass, Kyarakoppa Road, and Malligawad underpass.

Cattle Underpasses: Giriyal pass, Nekarnagar pass, Rayanal pass, Gokul pass, Itigatti pass, Jogyallapur pass, Mansoor pass, Goa road pass, and another cattle pass on Goa road.

Construction Sequence of the Hubballi Dharwad bypass widening

In the first phase of works, The construction of the Service Road and part of the main Expressway on the Left-hand side will be undertaken.

Complete details of Hubballi Dharwad bypass widening
Construction sequence of the Expressway

On completion of Service Road, entire traffic on the existing 2-lane road will be diverted on the newly constructed Service Road to enable the construction of the main expressway on RHS.

The project will include the following facilities: Street lighting, Tree plantations, Bus bays and Shelters, Traffic and Medical aid post, Vehicle rescue post, and Highway patrol units.

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26 thoughts on “Complete details of Hubballi Dharwad bypass widening

  1. What about the Haliyal interchange if left kindly consider Haliyal interchange it’s very much needed for long route transport moment

    1. Wait and’s initially a RFP..things will come out clearly after the bidders submit there bids with all details.

  2. I think this project is like a dream in sleep were we see an after wake up an seeing it will be same as it’s let’s c after 2.5years or after 25 years..HDbypass TaTa

  3. Finally after a very long wait and tired with present road scenarios considering the fact the HD bypass was the most dangerous to travel. Thank you for considering the safety of common people. We welcome the move whole heart.
    Nevertheless ‘Der aaye Durust aaye‘

  4. This is another mound of ghee on your nose and hands tied at the back… Neither you can resist the smell nor your young can reach the nose… I st vote them…

      1. Politicians should act proactively to make this project leaving behind there commission percentage so that generation after generation will be remembered their works bcz this road has taken many lives.

  5. Traffic @ ranichennama circle, glass house , hosur cross, is frustrating and severely chocked @ peak hours.
    Firstly and most important is the flyover work should be complete in time without extensions

  6. Ok atleast 1 lie can saves life of the people.. let it be.. atleast with this hope many rash/crash drivers especially Suv and car fellow will be alive for next 2.5 years

  7. Atleast this 4lane work was should be compleat in 2005, It is allredy too much late due to Hubli-Dharwad local leaders improper planning & visions.
    This action is taken after road accidental death of 13 peoples near by Sutgatti village this is verry bad & shame.

  8. “Project will be completed within 2.5 Years” —for completion of road that to this stretch being most dangerous !! What a joke! This stretch should be given highest priority to complete. Why we need to wait for 2.5 years to see so many deaths? There is no justification for this project’s schedule…

  9. Hi,

    I am not sure. But wanted to confirm whether it is just a fake news or not. Is there a staty from any court of law on widening of the proposed by-pass NH-48 road between Hubballi and Dharward end

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