Bengaluru Hubballi Railway Electrification to complete by Feb’23

Bengaluru to Hubballi Railway Electrification works is progressing in brisk pace and is expected to be completed by first quarter of 2023 (February 2023).

As of now, the section in between Bengaluru to Nittur and Chikkajajur to Hosadurga Road has been completely electrified and CRS inspection has also been completed.

According to CORE, The 69Rkm section in between Nittur to Arsikere and 37 Rkm section in between Chikkajajur to Tolahunase will be electrified by September 2022.

The final part of the work i.e 146 Rkm section in between Tolahunase – Haveri – Hubballi is likely to be completed by February 2023 as per Central Organization for Railway Electrification (CORE).

The electrification of the entire stretch from Bengaluru to Hubballi is being executed simultaneously at different locations to complete the project soon.

OHE foundation work is in progress on between Arsikere and Birur. Poles have been erected and wiring has been completed in between Birur junction and Chikkajajur.

Chikkajajur railway station is fully electrified and CRS has also been completed (part of Chikkajajur-Hosadurga project). OHE foundation work in progress between Davanagere outer and Harihar.

Central government has planned to run Vande Bharat express train in between Bengaluru and Dharwad. For that, electrification in between Bengaluru and Hubballi needs to be completed.

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South Western Railways (SWR) is expediting all the electrification projects in Karnataka. Marching towards mission 100% electrification, SWR has electrified 511.7 RKM in a year (Highest ever!).

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2 thoughts on “Bengaluru Hubballi Railway Electrification to complete by Feb’23

  1. SWR railway zone though doing good service,it is felt that it is not giving due importance to the pleas of the people from Karnataka,AP,odisha& West Bengal residing in Goa as to when the Amaravaty Express running between Vascodagama to Howrah 4 times in a week is running with 100% occupancy and earning maximum profit to Railways ,and the tickets are getting filledup before 2 months itself and big list of passengers on waiting list ” why the SWR authorities not running the train daily from Vasco to Howrah mutually beneficial to Railways and travelling to those 4 states from Goa.if any difficulty to get additional bhogies& engine on the remaining 3 days difficult atleast run the daily Amaravaty Express running between Hubli upto Vijayawada from Vasco on those 3 days keeping quotas for all major stations ( as it is widely rumoured that SWR for the exclusive benefit of kannadigas only that train is being run daily from Hubli to Vijayawada and if started from Vasco kannadigas find it difficult to get accomodation at short notice as is the case presently).To dispel this strong allegation and for good revenue to railways and benefit of Goan residents,it is sincerely hoped that SWR extends the Hubli Amaravathy express from Vasco for 3 days Howrah Amaravathy not running from Vasco.This satisfies all.Looking forward to this good gesture from Railway minister& SWR authorities very soon.

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